At Glovo we are looking for a passionate Regional Content Manager to manage the relationship with our third-party providers improving their performance, invoicing, and keeping them updated about all changes in the platform.
You will be the responsible for the content creation and activation for over 4 Markets. You will use Salesforce, Kustomer, Jira Helpdesk, Spreadsheets, and Productive Admin to achieve the KPIs related to content activation timings, cancellations, QA score, etc.

You will:

  • Assure Quality of the Content Activation Processes. Following up KPIs based in Salesforce and Jira Heldesk. 
  • Maintain and monitor the achievements of SLA’s on the activation Funnel.
  • Create and/or translate all training materials for the provider that is being directly managed.
  • Lead Salesforce implementation and follow-up on the Content Activation team.
  • Lead training and doubts of Admin with the local teams and/or providers
  • Update the providers and local teams on the changes that affect the process at Salesforce, Jira, Kustomer or Admin Level.
  • Come with creative and scalable ways of improving the User Experience with Glovo while taking care of the Handling Times for Store and catalog creation.
  • Track, control, and report Invoicing and working hours of providers, find ways to keep the costs lean. 
  • Track and monitor cancellations accountable to Content (Store_Closed, Product_not_available)
  • Manage the helpdesk ticket system established in Jira to achieve incredible results when managing requests for Content changes/updates. 
  • Manage onboarding and offboarding accesses for the providers in all the tools that Content Activation works with.
  • Coordinate projects with local content and other teams
  • Execute regional strategic decisions


  • Commercial Habilities to handle an outsourced invoce and previous relationship managing providers
  • English is a must
  • Previous relationship managing Service Level Agreements or alike
  • Salesforce experience is a big bonus
  • Jira Helpdesk experience is a big bonus
  • Studies: Marketing, Administration or Web Development
  • Previous experience in managing Customer Service platforms. 
  • Our core values are very important to us:

    Gas: We think big and take calculated risks to go for all business opportunities, no matter how challenging they are! We work hard as a team and execute fast.

    Everyone Wins: We are here for the long run. Glovers, Partners and Users are on the very center of everything we do. If they win, Glovo wins. So for every decision, we make sure we are positively impacting them.

    Good vibes: Our teams are built of people that radiate positive energy and managers that are honest and fair. No assholes allowed! We stay optimistic no matter what, infecting each other with positivity, joy, and the desire to spend time together.

    Stay Humble: Always act humble: Everybody must roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to make our big plans a reality. We are tiny! We are conscious of how big the opportunity is and how much we’ve got left to do.

    Glownership: Act as one company—one team: Care first about Glovo, not your role or your department. Own your stuff, no question, but go beyond your role; help before you are asked. Everything you need to make things happen, you do it. Glow it!

    If you believe you match these values, we look forward to meeting you!


  • A seat on the rocket ship, an opportunity to work closely with all the departments at Glovo
  • Scale with a rapidly growing startup, with tons of opportunity for growth
  • Free coffee!
  • Work in an international, dynamic and passionate environment, and play a role in transforming how we access our cities
  • Competitive salary based on experience and equity plan

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