Glovo is building the future of cities by enabling anyone to access the products and services available in their city on demand. Our goal is to bring this value proposition to a global audience. As a Product Manager of the Matching Algorithm you will be responsible for leading, quantifying and building the technology that defines industry best practices in a specialised subject of our complex multi-user facing platform. 
At the core of Glovo’s technology there is the dispatching system, responsible for maximizing the efficiency of the platform by taking the proper decisions when matching orders with couriers. The impact of this team in the whole business is massive, both in terms of user satisfaction and unit economics. 
As Product Manager, you will be defining the priorities for one of the sub-teams within dispatching, the matching algorithm team. That team is responsible for the structure of the matching algorithm that solves the assignment problem. Its impact in dispatching is huge. You’ll collaborate mainly with data scientists and engineering but also with operations in order to maximize the efficiency of +150 cities globally. We’re looking for someone with the same passion that we have for simple solutions and bold impact. 

You will:

  • Responsible for one of the most impactful as well as complex teams within dispatching: the matching algorithm, that determines to what courier assign to each order, probably one of the biggest challenges that on-demand delivery companies face.
  • Shape the roadmap of the matching algorithm to improve the performance of the algorithm with the ultimate goal of increasing the efficiency while ensuring reasonable order fulfillment times. 
  • Maintain a prioritized backlog and other organisational solutions in partnership with the engineering lead
  • Define the specifications of smart technical solutions to be developed by the engineers dedicated to the matching algorithm. 
  • Define the long term vision and strategy of the matching algorithm team.
  • Lead a team that comes with the optimal technical and data science knowledge. 
  • Evaluate algorithms through controlled offline (by using a simulator that mimics the real environment) and online experiments (A/B testing). 
  • Ensure strong collaboration and communication across the company and serve as a primary point of contact for internal stakeholders when it comes to the structure of the algorithm. 


  • At least 5 years of professional experience in product, operations or data science discipline. Preferably background in Engineering, Physics, Statistics, Computer Science or Mathematics.
  • Previous experience in the on-demand delivery sector
  • Significant experience at productionising ideas; from conception to deployment
  • Technical know-how—you have a solid understanding of how software is made and how it works
  • Strong proven knowledge in operations research, assignment problems, VRP or similar domains.  
  • Experience in solving similar problems in the same industry will be much appreciated.
  • Ability to juggle multiple strands of work and priorities to meet strict deadlines on complex projects that may span across multiple teams and have many dependencies
  • Ability to communicate and present complex ideas to very senior stakeholders and get buy-in thanks to ability to understand business needs
  • Excellent spoken and written English 
  • Our core values are very important to us:

    Gas: We think big and take calculated risks to go for all business opportunities, no matter how challenging they are! We work hard as a team and execute fast.

    Everyone Wins: We are here for the long run. Glovers, Partners, and Users are in the very center of everything we do. If they win, Glovo wins. So for every decision, we make sure we are positively impacting them.

    Good vibes: Our teams are built of people that radiate positive energy and managers that are honest and fair. No assholes allowed! We stay optimistic no matter what, infecting each other with positivity, joy, and the desire to spend time together.

    Stay Humble: Always act humble: Everybody must roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to make our big plans a reality. We are tiny! We are conscious of how big the opportunity is and how much we’ve got left to do.

    Glownership: Act as one company—one team: Care first about Glovo, not your role or your department. Own your stuff, no question, but go beyond your role; help before you are asked. Everything you need to make things happen, you do it. Glow it!

    If you believe you match these values, we look forward to meeting you!


  • Social benefits (such as fresh fruit every day, beers on Fridays, Culture Days every 6 weeks)
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Unlimited Glovos (zero delivery fee on your Glovo orders)
  • Attractive compensation and equity plan
  • Gym membership discounts
  • Back to School Fridays, Hackatons (it’s all about learning and sharing knowledge)
  • Team building activities
  • Relocation package
  • International and talented team, used to working in a fast paced and vibrant way!

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