A Quality Specialist position means building a bridge between the quality standards and the final service we offer in Glovo.

You will:

  • Plan, perform and oversee inspection and testing of products to ensure the quality deliverable
  • Document quality assurance activities, such as internal audits
  • Analyze customer grievances and other non-compliance issues
  • Outline quality assurance policies and procedures
  • Interpret and comply with company quality standards
  • Make sure that quality assurance standards are adequate
  • Elaborate the procedures of sampling and guidelines for collection and reporting quality data
  • Oversee the implementation and ensure efficiency of inspection and Q systems
  • Gather and organize statistical quality data and inspect data to detect areas for improvement
  • Report on results of quality activities
  • Elaborate, recommend and oversee improvement actions
  • Analyze audit outcomes and carry out appropriate corrective procedures
  • Detect coaching needs and take actions in accordance with these needs in order to ensure compliance with quality standards


  • Native Serbo- Croatian speaker with fluent written and spoken English
  • Superb computer competence, including experience with databases and Microsoft Office
  • Previous experience in quality field (audits, implementation and control of new procedures, etc.) or basic knowledge of regulatory requirements for the business
  • Knowledge of QA terms, tools, and methodologies
  • Analytical skills
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Thoroughness
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Customer service competency
  • Ability to work in team and keep a positive attitude working under pressure and with short deadlines
  • Our core values are very important to us:

    Gas: We think big and take calculated risks to go for all business opportunities, no matter how challenging they are! We work hard as a team and execute fast

    Everyone Wins: We are here for the long run. Glovers, Partners, and Users are in the very center of everything we do. If they win, Glovo wins. So for every decision, we make sure we are positively impacting them

    Good vibes: Our teams are built of people that radiate positive energy and managers that are honest and fair. No assholes allowed! We stay optimistic no matter what, infecting each other with positivity, joy, and the desire to spend time together

    Stay Humble: Always act humble: Everybody must roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to make our big plans a reality. We are tiny! We are conscious of how big the opportunity is and how much we’ve got left to do

    Glownership: Act as one company—one team: Care first about Glovo, not your role or your department. Own your stuff, no question, but go beyond your role; help before you are asked. Everything you need to make things happen, you do it. Glow it!

    If you believe you match these values, we look forward to meeting you!


  • A ticket to the moon sitting on the fastest rocket - an adventure filled with challenges and professional growth
  • Attractive compensation and equity plan
  • Team building activities
  • International and talented team, used to working in a fast paced and vibrant way!

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