Glean are looking for a talented, passionate SRE / DevOps Platform Engineer who wants to be part of a small, beautifully formed and growing engineering team. We are focussed on pragmatic delivery with quality at the centre of everything we do. We use a mixture of front-end (TypeScript, React) and back-end technologies (JVM / Kotlin), with an automated build pipeline (Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm etc.) We are trusted by the business to own our technology stack and processes and repay this trust by delivering regularly and predictably. We aspire to be the best engineering team we can be, by constantly asking, "given what we know now, is there anything we should change?".

What are the role’s key responsibilities? 

As an SRE / DevOps Platform Engineer, your role within delivery is to help develop and maintain our DevOps and DevEx stories to support the entire function. You will work with Developers, Testers and the Product team throughout the software development life cycle. You will help to support the software developed by the delivery team through automation, observability, reliability and repeatable processes. 

Tech Stack

  • Cloud providers: AWS and GCloud
  • Kubernetes, Docker, Helm
  • Terraform
  • Prometheus, Elastic, Grafana
  • Kotlin/JVM (backend)
  • TypeScript (web frontend)
  • Flutter (mobile frontend)
  • Bash, Python (scripting, misc tasks)
  • Jenkins, Github Actions

Responsibilities - Technical

  • Manage and maintain infrastructure.
  • Identify pain points and bottlenecks in the development lifecycle and find ways to automate processes.
  • Improve observability of systems.
  • Increase reliability of systems.
  • Focus on testability of delivered solutions.
  • Design and provide infrastructure and network security controls throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Produce clean, efficient code based on requirements.
  • Verify and deploy programs and systems.
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing software.
  • Recommend and execute technical improvements.
  • Risk based approach to having the highest level of quality that is pragmatic.
  • Learn and develop your technical expertise in areas relevant to Glean.


Responsibilities - Interpersonal

  • Foster a fun, safe environment for engineering based upon trust, collaboration and respect.
  • Mentor other engineers when you have domain expertise that they have yet to acquire.
  • Passionate views, loosely held - argue your point of view passionately but be willing to accept that the needs of others or the group or the business may mean that other approaches are adopted.
  • Assume we are all well intentioned and want the best for Glean.


Ways of working

Whilst we love having people in the office, we do support UK remote working, hybrid working and office based employees. We do have expectations for all employees to be in a minimum of once a quarter for company events. We support part time working. 

Working arrangements would be discussed at interview. 


About Us
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