About Glance (Current company boiler plate)

Founded in 2019, Glance is a consumer internet company that has created two of the most disruptive digital platforms - Glance and Roposo. Glance has redefined the way internet is consumed on the lock screen, removing the need for searching and downloading apps. Over 400 million smartphones now come enabled with Glance’s next generation internet experience. Roposo has revolutionized commerce by launching a destination for creator-led live entertainment commerce. Headquartered in Singapore, Glance is an unconsolidated subsidiary of InMobi Group and is funded by Google and Mithril Capital. For more information visit glance.com, roposo.com and inmobi.com 

User Experience  

  • Languages supported on Glance: English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Bahasa (Indonesia), Thai (Thailand)
  • Content categories, Glance:  18 categories including Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Travel, Sports, Animals, Food, Lifestyle, Automobile, games, fitness, fun facts, etc.
  • Launched Glance LIVE to bring users best of real time, interactive content on lock screen, in September 2021 
  • Roposo gives users creator-led LIVE entertainment commerce
  • Glance Collective co-create brands with celebrities and social media influencers. 

Glance Lock Screen: Glance is one of Asia’s largest lock screen platforms. It enables consumers to experience the internet on the lock screens of their smart phones. Glance's AI-powered personalization enables consumers to enjoy content, products, and services of their choice, all delivered in an intuitive and visually attractive format on the lock screen of their smart phones.


Roposo: Roposo is India’s first creator-driven live entertainment commerce platform. It brings together creators, shopping and entertainment in a single destination. On Roposo, consumers shop live with hundreds of creators and on pop stores, from leading brands, across categories. With a vision to power the creator economy, Roposo endeavours to deliver its creators a range of unique entrepreneurial opportunities, through live entertainment and commerce.

Glance Collective: Glance Collective co-creates and operates multiple unique brands in partnership with some of India’s biggest digital creators and celebrities. It was created as a joint venture company between Glance and Collective Artists Network in July 2021 and launched its first brand – EK – with Ekta Kapoor in November 2021. The entity generates scope for creators to earn revenue through part ownership of the brands and gives them access to global markets, through Glance and Roposo’s combined worldwide user base.

Shop101: Shop101 is a full stack e-commerce platform which provides Glance and Roposo end-to-end commerce capabilities. It was acquired in June 2021 by Glance for its market-leading e-commerce technology platform, comprehensive supply chain infrastructure and talent base.

Glance USA: Glance is now making foray into US market, scaling fast on back of its unique partnership strategy with leading telcos in US. We are looking for the first few entrepreneurial leaders and domain experts with passion to build Glance and Roposo in US from scratch and scale to millions of users at an exceptionally fast pace. 

Glance is ready to do a big bang launch in USA by going live through several telecom players like AT&T, Verizon, Tracfone by the Dec 2021. We plan to increase our base to 50 million daily active users in an year from the launch. We are looking for ambitious hustlers who would like to be a part of redefining experience for USA content industry.


  • Build your team of editors
  • Design content plan and workflows for your team
  • Design andmaintain the team roster  
  • Curate and verify short form content for a digital audience
  • Create visual stories with text, photos,graphics, and videos for social media 
  • Design and execute a publishing calendar, with daily,weekly, and episodic goals 
  • Lead the proof-reading process for your team
  • Become well-versed with Glance's CMS and creation tools 
  • Become friends with data to drive decisions on curation and execution
  • Generate daily content analysis reports andprovide recommendations based on the same 


You Are:  

  • Digital editor with 6+ years of newsroom experience in an English newsroom
  • Experienced in writing and producing short videos for social media
  • Interested in all things USA- including but not limited to– news, sports, arts, entertainment, auto
  • Embedded in internet culture
  • Consumer of short content on social media 
  • Love checklists and are comfortable with usingtools like Xcel and GSheets. 
  • Want to work at the intersection where news + content meets tech, data,product, and business 
  • Willing to work at USA base location timings (if hired in India)

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