Giant Oak

At Giant Oak, we build trusted tools at the frontiers of behavioral science and artificial intelligence that enable you to make both rapid and informed decisions in an increasingly dynamic security environment.  GOST® (Giant Oak Search Technology) makes screening easy. GOST® is a search and triage tool that allows users to deploy and build a custom internet domains and organize information to detect behaviors of interest. GOST® re-indexes the open and deep webs to return publicly available electronic information (PAEI) in prioritized results relevant to a user’s area of interest. By deploying artificial intelligence to augment our machine-learning algorithms, GOST refines results and generates analytic output, prioritizing entities by relevance and reliability. 

In addition to the importance of our mission of supporting our customers’ missions, Giant Oak is a growing and collaborative workplace that fosters intellectual curiosity. We take our culture seriously:  Be Smart, Nice, Bold, and Scientific. In 2019, Giant Oak was shortlisted as a finalist for the AIConics “AI For Good” award, and received the Red Herring Top 100 North America Award. Giant Oak values its employees and the intellectual capital that makes its mission possible. 

Current Job Openings

There are no current openings.