We're a small team building a product with a large surface area — a group communication app that's powerful enough for large communities, but flexible enough for groups of any size or purpose.

We're looking for a product manager to own the growth pathways through our product - how new users experience Geneva, how we ensure an experience that will retain them, and how user engagement leads to new user acquisition. You'll define our team's measurement and experimentation processes and use the output of those processes to create product-led growth through new features and optimizations across our entire group communication stack - including iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop products.

This role is equal parts strategic and hands-on. You'll lead cross-functional teams of engineers and designers and collaborate with our community and operations teams to ensure we ship the most valuable, highest quality product as fast as possible.

What you'll do

  • Define, implement, and evolve the tools and processes we use to measure product success, including how we instrument our product, run experiments, and analyze data.
  • Own the growth pathways within the product - including the optimization of existing growth loops and the strategy and execution of new ones.
  • Provide product requirements (and, more importantly, rationale) for a cross-functional team of design, engineering, and QA and serve as the point person during execution.
  • Set metrics for the functionality you ship, and goals tied to those metrics, to keep the team focused on outcomes.
  • Make critical product decisions informed by input from the community team, user research, and user behavior in the product.
  • Partner with our head of product to refine and prioritize the broader product roadmap, focusing on growth.

Who you are

  • You have a scientific mindset, approaching problems with a natural curiosity that you satiate with facts.
  • You develop a strong point of view in your work but maintain the humility to change your thinking based on new information and perspectives.
  • You have a need for speed — you thrive in a fast-paced environment, and your energy is infectious.
  • You think in systems and strive for the value of a product to be greater than the sum of its parts.
  • You want to fulfill the promise of the internet — to bring people together.


  • 4+ years experience in product management of a consumer product, with an emphasis on driving growth.
  • Demonstrable technical ability—you've overseen purely technical projects closely or have hands-on experience engineering.
  • Deep analytical expertise — you can manipulate large datasets to get the information you need to drive product decisions and are opinionated and pragmatic about analytical tools.

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