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Generation is a nonprofit that transforms education to employment systems to prepare, place, and support people into life-changing careers that would otherwise be inaccessible. The global pandemic has led to an unprecedented surge in unemployment. Even before the pandemic, more than 75 million young adults were out of work globally, and three times as many were underemployed—and 375 million workers of all ages needed to learn new skills by 2030. At the same time, certain jobs remain in high-demand, and 40 percent of employers say a skills shortage leaves them with entry-level vacancies. To date, more than 38,000 people have graduated from Generation programs, which prepare them for meaningful careers in 14 countries. Generation works with more than 3,900 employer partners and many implementation partners and funders.


Building upon Generation USA's most recent Strategic Plan, Core Values, and learning to date, the Administration & Operations team will chart a clear and unified direction to further the development and implementation of internal organizational operations.  The Administration & Operations team works to:

1) Ensure business governance, administrative compliance, and legal obligations, 2) provide knowledge management and serve as the historical recordkeepers and 3) Create innovative, sustainable, and efficient policies, processes, and systems for the organization.


This position will support the work of the Administration and Operations team.  This role is responsible for identifying, creating, planning, preparing, and executing the work as envisioned in alignment with the team charge, and to meet team and individual priorities and goals.

The National Operations Lead reports to the Director, Administration and Operations. 

The National Operations Lead conducts the day-to-day internal operational support to all our national functions to ensure all staff is supported in meeting Generation’s goals and priorities. This role is responsible for ensuring full business regulatory compliance across all the states we operate and have employees in, develop and lead organizational wide procurement efforts, and develop and manage organizational wide operations systems and platforms. Will support in organization wide policy and process creation, risk assessment and mitigation and project management.

This is a fully remote position.


Identify and pursue Business Regulatory Compliance for states/municipalities in which we operate. Research, document and obtain full business regulatory compliance across all the states we operate and have employees in – including new states that emerge.  Licenses may include: Foreign Registrations, Business Licenses, state Unemployment Insurance, state Income Tax Withholding, Charitable Solicitation and state Tax Exemptions. Our current footprint includes 22 states and 67 licenses.  All licenses will be obtained, documented, stored and made easily accessible.  Develop a solid plan for how we will maintain compliance and reporting in future years. Document all future report and renewal dates.

Proactively and responsively provide operational support to national support staff and work. Identify all key components of operational work necessary to support the national support functions and staff.  Establish operational systems and processes to ensure effective and efficiency of the work.  Plan for roll-out to the team and plan to adjust for growth and impact in future years.

Lead organizational wide Procurement efforts

Identify all key components needed to build an organizational wide set of purchasing policies and processes including determining functional department needs, creation, contracting, tracking, document storage, staff communication and on-going coordination with key departments such as finance.  Provide vendor account management oversight. Manage staff work supplies and bulk student instructional materials. Work with the IT Lead to coordinate all technology related equipment.

Work with the Director to create organizational internal operations practices, policies, procedures, and systems.

Assist with the thorough review for all operations practices, policies, procedures and systems.  Identify gaps and have a solid plan in place to create the prioritized most needed new ones. Ensure they reflect the needs of the whole org, are adaptable to every department, have clear ownership, have ops team support and produce desired results.

Work with the Director to document all health, safety and well-being of the organization and staff through Risk Mitigation procedures. Assist with the thorough review for all areas that may pose organizational risk and identified solutions to reduce risk.  Develop protocols and communicate staff and student risk procedures.

Work with the Director to provide coordinated Project Management of org wide internal facing projects that cut across multiple departments. Assist with various projects as needed to execute tasks that provide operational value add and/or move a project to intended outcome.  Provide value in areas of prior work experience all things related to Operations including Finance, Talent, Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity and Training & Development.

Prepare and execute operational logistics for Organizational wide internal facing calls/events at highest standard of excellence. Responsible for planning, documenting, preparing and executing logistics needs for a staff Off-site retreat aligned to the event’s purpose, priorities, goals and measures of success.  Logistics include: invitations, travel (guidance and arrangements), lodging, meetings space, meals, transportation, communication, post session and post event surveys.  All items will be arranged within identified budget and will align with identified theme, content, speaker needs and support a positive staff experience.


You can set a clear direction for the work that needs to be accomplished and plan accordingly for additional growth and impact in future years. Can see how your efforts will contribute to the whole picture and willing to come to the table with proactive ideas, suggestions, solutions for advancing the work forward. Focus on executing and achieving results directly.  Strives to continuously develop and better self, team, and organization.  Uses appropriate depth of context and data to make sensible and timely decisions.  Displays sound judgement when faced with opportunities/challenges. Ability to organize, prioritize, track and manage tasks, projects and workflow that require collaborative efforts of others, across the organization and with multifaceted and evolving responsibilities. Demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles professionally aligned with the organization's values.

Understand the important role this team and the impact its work plays in the organization. Acknowledge and thrive on the behind-the-scenes nature of the role. Seek out and maintain a deep knowledge of the organization- know what data and resources to tap in to and when, know where to easily find resources and if not, have an idea of who to ask.  Operates proactively and creatively to “see around the corner” for possible solutions to emerging issues or to create innovations for staff and the organization.  Must have an entrepreneurial mindset - be adaptable to operate within ambiguity; committed to taking risks and experiment; be flexible and be ready to pivot to a different course of action when needed given our fast-paced environment. Develop relationships with all internal staff members and some outside stakeholders to invest and motivate action to achieve results.  Communicate clearly, effectively and in service of others across all mediums. Always operate with organizational stewardship in mind. 

The National Operations Lead is most successful when they support the team to achieve its charge, priorities, and goals collectively as a unit and in an organized, efficient, and effective manner. They are operations consultants who operate in support of the organization.  They are called upon to be thought partners, help problem solve and act on areas where operations staff can provide additional focused value add and impact due to their knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise.

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