What your day could look like:

  • Design, develop, maintain and improve our product, with a focus on usability, scalability and user experience.
  • Create elegant solutions to interesting engineering problems.
  • Bring your opinions and voice to the table and help shape the future growth and development of our platform.
  • Contribute to team best practices.
  • Challenging and optimizing implementations together with the team.
  • Develop comprehensive automated tests for features via unit tests, acceptance tests and end-to-end integration tests.
  • Ensuring the product remains scalable and the codebase remains maintainable.
  • Work in an agile team and delivering features on a daily basis.

What we're looking for

Technical Skills

  • 3+ years experience in building strong web applications
  • Collaborative work in a development team
  • Experience in building a long-term product used by plenty of users
  • Proficiency in writing web apps using industry best practices
  • Ability to design and build intuitive interfaces
  • Advanced knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3 and Webpack preprocessors
  • Perfect understanding of client/server architecture (HTTP protocol, DNS, caching, CORS, etc.)
  • Consuming REST API like a rock star
  • Advanced usage of Browser Developer Tools
  • Knowledge of package management and automation tools (npm, gulp, bower etc.)
  • Comfortable with peer-coding, code-reviews, etc.
  • Versioning tools Git and GitFlow branching model
  • Fluent in english. 

Soft skills

  • Creative and organized.
  • Strong communication: Convey goals, progress and issues to the wider team, including management, peers and clients
  • Agile problem solving: Understand the question behind the question and break down the problem into smaller, more easily solvable pieces
  • Healthy Passion: Keep up-to-date on advances in the field and be aware of the latest technological advances
  • Self-Starting Motivation: Experiment and explore; take risks, but stay persistent while facing roadblocks

Nice to have

  • Empathic with customers pains
  • Advanced UX skills
  • Graphics sensibility
  • Data visualization skills

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