We are building a virtual universe which fundamentally improves how people interact online.

Today, that means a powerful remote-social platform. We already have people working out of our office spaces, attending our virtual conferences, or going to school on our campus spaces. We have folks hosting everything from magic conventions to artist EP launches to thanksgiving dinners, and even a few weddings.

Right now, all of these events happening online is necessary. We believe that ultimately, having these online can be better. Even without a pandemic, reality leaves a lot to be desired:

  • Your job often dictates where you live, rather than your friends or family.
  • Your geopolitical environment may be constraining.
  • You're probably losing touch with good friends because they're far away and you see them less often.
  • Your kids may have unequal educational opportunities just because of the neighborhood you live in.

The mission of Gather is to remove these constraints on peoples' lives, and provide a virtual world which surpasses the real one in interconnectedness, personal touch, and expressiveness.

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