Gas South's Human Resources is assisting with the selection process for the Cobb Chamber CEO. This position is located at 240 Interstate Parkway North, Atlanta, GA 30339.

Posting Deadline : Saturday, September 30, 2017


The Cobb Chamber of Commerce is one of the most influential business advocacy organizations in Georgia. The Chamber is the only organization in Cobb County dedicated to bringing the community and its leaders together to create jobs and strengthen the economy and quality of life so businesses and the community can achieve more. The Chamber achieves this by creating jobs and driving economic development; strengthening the community and the region; growing member businesses and nurturing leadership; and connecting businesses, government and the community.


The Cobb Chamber's mission is economic and community development, advocacy and world-class member services.



The CEO provides direction to the organization on all matters of policy and operations, and serves as its chief spokesperson on public, business and political issues facing the county and the region. The CEO manages the finance, development and human resources functions of the Chamber.  He or she is also responsible for the planning and execution of strategic initiatives to ensure consistency and coherence with the agenda of the Chamber and its membership. Working with the Chamber’s Board of Directors, these responsibilities also include economic development initiatives that involve the inclusion and coordination of staff, as well as business and political leadership at the local and state level.  Under the direction of the CEO, the organization will provide continuous refinement and execution of its strategic plan to meet the changing demands of the region.


  • Develop and implement a long-range strategic plan for the Cobb Chamber.
  • Facilitate and drive the development and successful implementation of the Chamber’s vision, as well as strategic and operational plans.
  • Develop a balanced budget annually that is aligned to the strategic goals of the organization.
  • Participate in annual campaigns and in developing new sources of revenue, specifically: identifying new revenue opportunities, drafting prospective programmatic budgets, and determining cost effectiveness of prospective service delivery.
  • Develop a stewardship culture and the necessary processes to control costs and ensure stakeholder funds are spent with the appropriate level of financial oversight.
  • Identify priority public policy issues and positions. Ensure effective representation before relevant federal, state and local government bodies to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Serve as a principal spokesperson for the Chamber, with a goal to enhance the overall brand and image of the region.
  • Provide leadership in the area of member services to ensure there is a compelling value proposition and relevant offerings for current and prospective members.
  • Provide counsel to the Board and committees regarding public policy, programs, and other key initiatives.


  • Build and maintain strong relationships with members of the Chamber Board, county, municipal, state and federal elected officials and other key leaders in the community.
  • Build consensus across diverse regional entities. Convene meetings and build coalitions of regional and state organizations that share challenges and/or common goals. 
  • Represent the Chamber at appropriate civic, cultural, charitable, business, and community activities.
  • Serve on boards, commissions, committees and organizations related to areas that are critical to the region and Chamber. Attend key regional and political events as a representative of the Chamber.


  • Drive the implementation of progressive economic development initiatives, and work in close collaboration with government agencies, colleges, and other civic and economic development professionals to sustain and advance the regional economy.
  • Work with a wide range of constituencies across the region and state, in both the public and private sector, to build and support partnerships consistent with the Chamber’s overall mission and priorities to advance economic development.
  • Collaborate with other organizations in advocating a pro-business agenda at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Serve as a community leader and alliance builder to ensure a vibrant economic environment and high quality of life for both employers and their employees and their families.


  • Hire competent staff members and ensure that they receive timely and appropriate training and development.
  • Oversee, direct, and organize the work of the staff.
  • Promote a culture of high performance and continuous improvement that values learning and a commitment to quality.
  • Establish and monitor staff performance and development goals, assign accountabilities, set objectives, establish priorities, conduct annual performance appraisals, and administer salary adjustments.
  • Manage and drive a highly effective and efficient organization as measured by achievement of priority goals, membership satisfaction, and growth.


  • A history of successful engagement, partnering and consensus building with a broad range of constituencies and cultures.
  • Experience with strategic planning and working in close collaboration with a volunteer Board of Directors is highly desired.
  • Experience in economic development and / or a related field; experience with development and implementation of a marketing strategy for an organization and demonstrated understanding and knowledge of how businesses assess development / expansion opportunities and deploy capital.
  • Political savvy. An understanding of federal, state, and local governments, including a working knowledge of government affairs / lobbying, position development, and the advancement of an agenda through the legislative process.  Knowledge of the regional political environment is a positive; however, the ability to cultivate key local stakeholder relationships quickly is a key.
  • An ability to grow and engage membership. An out-of-the box thinker with the ability to listen and assess needs, generate and promote innovative products and services that enhance the value proposition for members. 
  • Seek opportunities to increase non-dues revenue.
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, financial reports, governmental regulations, and legal documents.
  • Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community.
  • Ability to write speeches and articles for publication that conform to a prescribed style and format.


  • A person of high character; is consistent and acts in line with a clear and visible set of values and beliefs; deals and talks straight; walks the talk; is direct and truthful but at the same time can keep confidences.
  • Skilled at getting individuals, teams, and an entire organization to perform at a higher level and to embrace change.
  • Inspires others and builds motivated, high-performing teams.
  • Relates well to a wide variety of diverse styles; open to differences; effective communication up, down, sideways, inside and outside; builds diverse networks; quick to find common ground; treats differences fairly and equitably; treats everyone as a preferred customer.
  • Fearlessly takes on all issues and challenges; comfortably confronts and works through conflict; delivers feedback and messages without hesitation; deals promptly and fairly with problem performers; lets everyone know where they stand; thrives in crisis and is energized by tough challenges; not afraid to make difficult decisions and take tough action; challenges the status quo.
  • Knows the business and the mission-critical technical and functional skills needed to do the job; understands various types of business propositions and understands how businesses operate in general; learns new methods and technologies easily.
  • Proven interpersonal and communication sills with significant experience serving as a spokesperson and advocate.
  • Results oriented leader who has strong business acumen; a good manager of assets – people, money, and time.
  • Can solve even the toughest and most complex of problems; great at gleaning meaning from whatever data is available; adds personal wisdom and experience to come to the best conclusion and solution.


Minimum of an undergraduate degree in Business is essential, with a MBA considered a definite positive.


A competitive compensation package will be made available to the qualified candidate.


Prefer the successful candidate reside in Cobb County


The Cobb Chamber currently supports 2550 members with 40 full time and one part time staff members and an annual operating budget of $5.4M.



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