Gandeeva Therapeutics Inc.

Gandeeva Therapeutics Inc. is a rapidly growing biotechnology company located in Vancouver, BC that seeks to harness the transformative power of cryo-EM technology and machine learning to design better drugs.  Our methods overcome limitations in the use of X-ray crystallography for drug design and avoid discovery dead ends that can arise from the use of computational docking methods in the absence of experimental validation. Our AI/ML driven workflows enable high throughput structure determination in combination with innovative biochemical methods to explore low-data targets, membrane proteins and protein complexes. Gandeeva seeks to achieve transformative societal impact on public health by revolutionizing drug discovery and by lowering risks of late-stage clinical failures.

We are building an interdisciplinary and innovative team with biologists, chemists, microscopists, engineers, and software developers who will working closely together in state-of-the-art facilities that provides a stimulating environment reflecting our inclusive and welcoming culture. We are looking for dynamic and self-motivated team players who thrive in a fast-paced and challenging cutting-edge research environment.

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