Further Ventures

Welcome to the Further Ventures Careers page - we are always on the lookout for builders to join our fund and startup teams.

At Further we work with founders as early as idea stage to validate, prototype, and launch new companies. Our team is made up of builders and operators, who provide founders with operational support in product design, branding, engineering, and talent acquisition to set them up for success. Working at Further is an opportunity to see startups built from scratch.


Working at Further has its benefits:

⚒️ Build Lasting Technology Companies

Further Ventures takes big, concentrated bets in fintech, web3, and logistics to build durable companies that are poised to scale regionally and define their space. Together with your colleagues, you will shape these companies from concept to reality.

🌐 We Are Remote Friendly

Unless your role specifically requires you to co-locate with us, we want you to be where you are productive and connected. Everyone in the Abu Dhabi office is encouraged to work remotely over the summer to recharge. We have travel allowances and generous leave to help encourage this practice.

👨‍👩‍👧 We Prioritise Health and Family

No matter where you are based, Further will provide Medical Insurance. Caring for young kids or elderly family members? We will work with you on a schedule that allows you to prioritize their well-being.

🧠 We Encourage Continuous Development

Remote pizza parties can only do so much. Teams participate in quarterly activities, continued education and training, and an opportunity to meet their colleagues at off sites.

🤝 We Are Strong Believers in Trust and Autonomy.

To make this work we want you to feel welcomed, valued, and respected. Let’s go further together!


Apply to join us through the job links below. If you don’t see a role that's right for you, don’t hesitate to reach out through here.



Current Job Openings

Portfolio Co's

Data Scientist - CredibleX
United Arab Emirates


Head of Partnerships
United Arab Emirates


Full Stack Developer - Tungsten
United Arab Emirates
IT Manager - Tungsten
United Arab Emirates