Frontend engineers at FullStory craft the heart of the FullStory product experience, working collaboratively with other engineers, designers, and product management. If you take pride in your work, care about the user experience, and bring data-driven thinking and practices, you’ll make a lasting impact on FullStory’s product. 

As for our tech stack, on the frontend we use React, Typescript, and Redux, and if you’re interested, you’ll have the opportunity to work on the backend, which is all in Go. Perhaps you're more familiar with Angular, Vue, or Ember? No worries! We care more about curiosity and enthusiasm to learn our tech stack than we do about prior knowledge.

We are currently hiring software engineers across many teams, including:

Org Management

This mission-critical team is responsible for helping FullStory “cross the chasm” from being software built for startups to true, enterprise software. As a Software Engineer in Org Management, you will help make the configuration of the FullStory platform delightfully easy, yet exceptionally powerful for customers of all types in the flywheel. You will help build new features that capture our customer intent quickly and securely, while actively protecting them against accidental exposure to sensitive data.


A product-centric team with a recent focus on analytic capabilities such as Dashboards, Metrics, and Funnels (though the team frequently works in other areas of the product as well). Workflows aims to harness the power of FullStory’s unmatched analytics engine, finding new and innovative ways to present useful data to our customers, while preserving end-user’s privacy. 

App Frameworks

A foundational team that works on improving and helping to raise the bar for frontend developer experience for all of FullStory. App Frameworks enables rapid product iteration by providing tools, resources, and libraries that help other teams write robust client code efficiently. Engineers on App Frameworks spend their time on cross-cutting projects such as researching, defining and communicating best practices, working with the design team on the component library, designing the architecture of the future, or coordinating large-scale projects across teams. 


This team works with Data Science to develop actionable and truly magical insights to our customers, so they can make better business decisions and improve their products for their users. Examples of features our teams have built in the past include Click Maps, an interface that allows customers to see what their visitors are clicking on as they navigate through a website; Scroll Maps, a visual indicator for how much a visitor is engaging with site content; and Conversions, a detailed breakdown of which site improvement opportunities would yield the largest change in customer conversion.


Relying heavily on Data Science, the Signals team processes our raw session data to extract actionable insights across web and native mobile platforms. Our goal is to empower our customers to better quantify engagement and points of friction within their sites. Examples of features our teams have built in the past include Scroll Depth, Highlighted, Page Refresh, and Pinch-to-Zoom. As a member of the team, you would focus on exposing Signals through existing features (search, dashboards, conversions, etc) and developing innovative ways of surfacing these insights.

Day to day, you'll:

  • Give code reviews, or help mentor others.
  • Pair with Design, PM, and other engineering teams to plan new features.
  • Develop new features and components using React and Typescript, and on occasion contribute back to our official component library.
  • Address customer feedback, either through fixes, feature improvements, or helping support craft an answer. Well written communication goes a long way.

We're looking for someone with:

  • You have 5+ years of experience working on frontend web technologies.
  • You have experience in React.
  • You love building and curating components.
  • You have experience building layouts with modern CSS and HTML.

It would be amazing if:

  • You have experience in TypeScript, or even better, React and Typescript.
  • You have experience working with and improving modern frontend build systems.
  • You are passionate about working with and understanding web browsers, get excited about new language features and well written tests.

About FullStory

Founded in 2014 on the belief that everyone benefits from a more perfect digital experience, FullStory's digital experience intelligence platform empowers businesses to continuously improve the digital customer experience across sites and apps. At the core of FullStory’s platform is a powerful analytics engine that connects digital interactions to the metrics that matter most to businesses. With FullStory, product, engineering, and UX teams can align around the customer, break down internal information silos, and achieve company objectives together—faster. The end result? A digital experience customers love.

FullStory is backed by world-class investors and has 250+ employees around the world, with offices in Atlanta and London. We are proud to have been named to Forbes’ List of America’s Top Startup Employers, Wealthfront’s Career Launching Companies List, and LinkedIn’s Top US Startups List. Our company, in three words: 

  • Empathy - Making a habit of empathy is a powerful way to maintain moderation and stay open to important information that doesn't originate inside your own head.
  • Clarity - Few problems can survive their thorough description. By the time you can explain a problem in excruciating detail, especially to someone else, you know how to solve it.
  • Bionics - "Study what humans do and figure out how to scale it." A dedication to building bionic systems ensures we maximally empower our users while minimizing our own unnecessary toil.


  • Have a life. FullStorians enjoy autonomy and flexibility. From a remote-first work environment to untracked paid time off, we don’t believe in micromanaging your time. After all, smart, driven people are their own best bosses.
  • Stay healthy. For our US-based FullStorians, we cover 99% of your premiums and 75% of your dependents’—same goes for dental and vision coverage. 
  • Save for retirement. For our US-based FullStorians, we offer a 401k retirement plan through Vanguard and match employee contributions 2:1 up to $4800 USD per calendar year.
  • Paid parental leave. We want FullStorians to have the flexibility to balance the needs of their growing families without the added stress of figuring out work and finances.
  • Keep learning. FullStory provides professional development opportunities through online courses and internal training programs. 

FullStory is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce. We want candidates of all human varieties, backgrounds, and lifestyles. There’s no problem that can’t be made better by bringing together people with a broader set of perspectives. If you love technology but aren’t sure if you’d fit in, please apply anyway. When you apply, you will have the opportunity to share your pronouns, gender, ethnicity, and veteran status with FullStory to help us identify areas for improvement in our hiring and recruitment process. Completion of these questions is entirely voluntary. Any information you choose to share with us will be kept confidential and will not impact the hiring decision in any way. 

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