Support Engineers are trusted product experts—both in terms of using FullStory and debugging it. Whether chasing down a weird recording bug or helping a customer understand the nuances of the JavaScript API, Support Engineers tackle challenging technical problems while building relationships with and supporting our customers.

As a senior member of the Hugging job family (read this and this, and heck, why not this), you demonstrate the skills that will lead your colleagues to improve the product and make customers’ lives easier. It’s never enough to only focus on a single ticket or play games to lower our response times (ugh). At FullStory, we know the best way to support our customers is to eliminate snags in the product experience the first time around.

Are you already in management or leadership and unsure if this is right for you? If you’re intrigued by working for FullStory and want to reach out, we want to hear from you. Let’s talk.

Day to day, you’ll:

  • Help customers grok the nuance of search and make them into power users
  • Write code to bionicize our support operations
  • Craft well-thought-out processes for buttery smooth handoffs to engineers

This job might be for you if:

  • You possess stellar communication skills, especially in writing
  • You can code (proficiency in any language will get you in the door, though you’ll need to come up to speed in JavaScript for the role)
  • Data analysis, custom-built integrations, and bug fixes bring you immense joy
  • You’re innately curious and thrive on the difficult technical problems
  • You understand the importance of empathy and how it relates to our customers
  • You have a severe allergic reaction to broken and inefficient processes
  • You have 3 years of experience as a support engineer (or commensurate level of badassery)

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