FullStory’s mission is to improve the web for all users. We’re doing that by building an ambitiously high-scale platform that records, analyzes, and humanizes more customer experience data than any other technology on the web.

We’re adding a Security Operations Engineer to the team to build out tools and processes to hunt, detect, stop, and respond to cyber threats across our entire enterprise. FullStory’s security engineers exercise technology and resourcefulness to apply “bionic” controls to combat the ever-changing threat landscape.

Day to day, you’ll:

  • Develop and execute processes for responding to external and internal threat events
  • Assist with security compliance obligations
  • Assist with risk remediation and improving our protective controls

This job might be for you if:

  • You're well aware of reliable sources of intel on cyber threats facing small, cloud-first SaaS firms.
  • You jump at opportunities to ensure successful security audits, providing strong, trustworthy evidence of the organization's operational security posture and maturity.
  • You know your way around public cloud infrastructures.
  • You have experience with modern metrics, monitoring, logging frameworks, and SIEMs (e.g. StackDriver, ELK/EFK, Splunk).
  • Bonus points if you have some experience with GCP and Kubernetes.

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