The engineers on the Bionic Ops team build internal products vital to the success of all FullStorians. As an engineer on this team, you need to have a passion for proactively optimizing our daily stumbling blocks. You will remove unnecessary and repetitive tasks; sometimes that means building something ground up, sometimes that means buying something then implementing it. There’s no preordained answer, the problem dictates the answer.

The reward for all our efforts is a smooth sailing with happy FullStorians at every turn. If you like the idea of empowering your colleagues to feel like Ripley in that sweet mechanical suit from Aliens, this is the role for you.

A day in the life:

  • Create software and solutions to increase FullStory’s operational efficiency (i.e. build extensions to 3rd party apps, build an interactive process that enhances a highly manual task, rip/replace an existing optimization with a more scalable solution)
  • Identify and problem solve system issues spanning multiple stacks and teams
  • Build, test, and deploy extensions to our distributed services to support your fellow FullStorians
  • Automate and/or execute IT infrastructure related projects

This might be the job for you if:

  • You are a developer with business sense that tires of the same old grind
  • You care deeply about crafting great user experiences
  • You enjoy working with people from all over the company
  • You have a systematic but human-centered approach to solving problems
  • You’ve worked on a product before and you’d love to work on more
  • You’ve decided to buy a solution instead of building it
  • You’ve decided to build a solution instead of buying it
  • You have a strong understanding of IT infrastructure and ability to troubleshoot issues
  • You believe in and possess a strong customer support, organization, prioritization, multitasking, communication and leadership mindset

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