Senior Full Stack Engineer

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Fruit Street Health is rapidly growing! We provide a range of telemedicine services including a CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program, a diabetes self-management education program, urgent care visits, and mental health support. Primarily selling to self-insured employers and health plans that want to reduce healthcare costs, we've raised over $25 million from more than 450 physicians investors.

Click here to watch a video about our flagship diabetes prevention program product: 


Individual contributor hands on coding role, leading by doing. Developing test-driven core implementations of subsystems that will be taken on and run with by the larger team. Architecture-oriented, but not an “Architect” role: This role is about demonstrating and growing an architecture from a clean initial implementation.


You’re an agilist. You probably write a little more test code than runtime code, and you ship code in small increments, sometimes multiple times a day. Branches should not live long.

You’re someone who stays up on new developments in technology, understands the value of the new hotness, but thinks about the right fit between technology and the job to be done. You also think about whether the solution you’re building is one that the rest of the team will be able to be productive in. You’re probably gently curmudgeonly about type safety, object orientation, and things like referential integrity. You think serverless is interesting and promising, but not that everything needs to be there now.

Most or all of your apps have ended up on AWS, because why would you deploy them elsewhere? If you’ve used Google Cloud, it’s probably for AI workloads, or other uses for which their infrastructure is better suited.


10+ years software development experience
Polyglot developer, happy writing well-tested Javascript and Typescript, plus you like to pick up other languages from time to time. (You probably have done Hello World in 5-10 languages.) Comfortable full-stack, with deep backend chops

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