About our company

Fruit Street Health is rapidly growing! We provide a range of telemedicine services including a CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program, a diabetes self-management education program, urgent care visits, and mental health support. Primarily selling to self-insured employers and health plans that want to reduce healthcare costs, we've raised over $25 million from more than 450 physicians investors.

Click here to watch a video about our flagship diabetes prevention program product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTujudQ_-zE&t=0s. 

Senior DevOps Engineer

Fruit Street is a New York based digital health company delivering a variety of tools for modern digital health, including a diabetes prevention program designed by the CDC, a novel program supporting relief for the Covid-19 pandemic, a weight loss program, and more.

We are hiring a Senior DevOps engineer to aid our mission of assisting providers on our platform and patients who want to lead healthier lives.

Job Details

US Remote: ​Yes

Experience Level: ​Senior
Technologies: ​AWS, Terraform, K8s, Cloud security

Required Skills

  • -  Understanding of the Strongdm and Okta (SAML protocol);

  • -  Proven experience in technical leadership;

  • -  Knowledge of scripting languages (Bash, Python);

  • -  Experience with Load testing to perform capacity planning;

  • -  Understanding of monitoring tools (New Relic, Sumologic);

  • -  Experience with deploying and supporting microservices architectures;

  • -  Understanding of Scalability and High Availability design;

  • -  Deep knowledge of AWS infrastructure (S3, EKS, KMS, RDS, SSM, EC2 Cloudtrail);

  • -  Knowledge of Kubernetes (EKS) and Helm;

  • -  Expertise in both Terraform open-source and Terraform Enterprise (optional);

  • -  Experience with setting and configuring databases (Mongo, MySQL (RDS));

  • -  CI/CD tools (Github actions, drone.io);

  • -  Strong communication skills;


Job Responsibilities

  • -  Collaborate with the backend team in terms of code performance and deployment process;

  • -  Ensure code quality standards are enforced during the peer review process;

  • -  Maintenance and integration of REST APIs;

  • -  Infrastructure architectural scoping, design, and implementation;

  • -  Building and maintaining Production grade environments with their responding


  • -  Design and build and maintain a proactive monitoring system;

  • -  Support the development team with technical expertise.

  • -  Orchestrate and automate system provisioning;

  • -  Constant Improvements for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery


  • -  Applying security best practices;

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