Friendsurance has with international acknowledgement pioneered and inspired global trends in Insurtech since 2010.

As the inventor of peer-to-peer insurance, Friendsurance developed the claims-free bonus. With the new brand Friendsurance Business, we are pioneering another mission: the digitisation of insurance services for banks or insurance companies and their customers. Through partnerships with leading banks and insurance companies like Deutsche Bank and R+V, we make a smart home for insurance available directly in these partners digital solutions. Through our sophisticated, scalable and modular insurance platform we aim to make insurance more customer friendly.

We are over 100 team members from more than 20 nations working from our headquarters in Berlin and from other external bases. We take pride in our agile culture. We have been part of Berlin's top employer and office ratings for several years.

We are looking for an experienced Site Reliability Engineer (m/f), who is not only confident and current with their skills, but also someone who is ready, able and eager to research and evaluate emerging technologies and identify those best to adopt.

This is a full time job with significant responsibility, working as part of a strong and growing team of software technologists on site in Berlin.

Your profile

  • When it comes to infrastructure, you always think automation first.  You try to avoid making manual changes on a production instance at all costs
  • You have experience/knowledge designing and maintaining Microservice architecture
  • You live and breath AWS: Services and acronyms  such as EC2, EKS, S3, RDS, ELB, VPC, WAF, EBS, CloudFormation, CodeDeploy, and CloudWatch are part of your daily vocabulary and you can’t wait to read about the new services that could make your life even easier
  • You strive to be the first to know about production issues even before they occur, with carefully designed monitoring, and strive to work with the team to resolve them before anyone else could notice
  • You practice and preach good security: you would never think of sending credentials over cleartext, you use two factor authentication whenever possible, and you make sure that the latest security patches are always applied
  • You make sure there are always current backups of everything, and you know they are reliable because you routinely test restores
  • You are passionate about maintaining staging and testing environments, because you wouldn’t dream of deploying to production untested
  • You love working with developers and testers, and making their lives even easier by setting up super streamlined and reliable continuous integration and deployment systems
  • You can install and configure Linux in your sleep, and troubleshoot network issues just as easily
  • Your are able to understand and discuss complex software systems
  • You are used to English as your working language

Your Tasks & Responsibility

  • Design, develop, test, and deploy secure, reliable, availability, and scalable infrastructure using AWS technologies and Ansible (or similar)
  • Setup and maintain application server stack including PostgreSQL, Tomcat and Apache
  • Implement a complete backup strategy for all test and production systems
  • Install, configure, and maintain development, build and deployment tools including: Jira, Jenkins, and AWS CodeDeploy scripts
  • Setup monitoring systems using CloudWatch and NewRelic (or similar)
  • Work closely with technology and product teams

Our Technologies, Tools, and Processes

  • Back End: Java, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL
  • Front End: TypeScript, ReactJS, Redux, SASS
  • Testing: Selenium, Serenity, JUnit, Mockito, Jest, Mocha
  • Build and Deploy: Jenkins, git, npm, Maven
  • Infrastructure: AWS, CloudFormation, Terraform, Apache, Tomcat, Microservices, K8s
  • Agile Process: Kanban, standups, grooming, retrospectives, demos

Our Offer

  • Be part of a pioneering team fearless of change
  • Go to work in a team where high level of qualifications and soft skills are equally cherished
  • Work in an agile mentality and feel the trust in your skills
  • Experience flexibility when you need it and have your personal development plan
  • Move forward with cutting edge technologies
  • Go home with attractive salary and perspectives

We are looking forward to your application!

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