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Fractal Software is a venture studio launching the next generation of vertical SaaS startups. We’re a collective of former founders and operators who have built multiple SaaS startups to multi-hundred million and billion dollar valuations. Fractal is currently investing out of a $350M seed fund and backed by investors including 8VC, Bienville, and Menlo Ventures. We believe that all industries deserve best in class, modern software to enhance their businesses and want to partner with entrepreneurs who share the same passion and conviction for these ideas. 

The Role

We are looking for an unusually talented engineering leader to join our internal team to help our portfolio companies succeed on technical strategy.  You will work with the CTOs, CEOs and founding engineers of numerous seed-stage portfolio companies to understand their needs, synthesize these needs across the portfolio, then find ways to address challenges at scale. This involves everything from coaching founders on specific challenges, to creating and running workshops to scale that knowledge, to building software and automation to scale our operations. And we're just getting started. This role is an opportunity to own the direction that we go, have an enormous impact on many fast growing software companies, and learn from a wide range of future industry leaders.


In this role, you will own the whole lifecycle of starting a company. You will help find and vet high quality technical founders, and help the companies we start succeed technically at scale. You will work with both internal teams and the founding teams of our portfolio companies to identify highly leveraged opportunities, and then build and deliver them.

  • How can we ensure that as we scale the number of companies we launch, we are able to maintain and even increase the quality of the experience that our founders have due to the advantages that scale brings?
  • What work do our companies all have to do that is outside of the core value proposition of their business? For example, can we automate infrastructure set up and other rote tasks for our portfolio companies, while still giving our founders control and choice of infrastructure?
  • Where can we leverage economies of scale to build features that can be used by multiple portfolio companies? All of our portfolio companies have major form components, and most have scheduling needs of some sort. Is there an opportunity to build this ourselves and give it to our companies?
  • What integrations would be valuable for many of our portfolio companies, and how can we make it easy for them? Payroll and other system-of-record integration may help greatly increase the value that our portfolio companies can provide, but could be difficult for a single company to build out alone.
  • Where are there gaps in the training and materials available to our founders? Can we build out world-class training, and scale it to all of our companies?
  • As we scale the number of portfolio companies, how can we make sure that nobody falls through the cracks? What tooling do we need to build or buy internally to make sure that we aren't overwhelmed by administrative overhead as we launch more companies?
  • How can we effectively capture data from our existing companies to make sure we are learning what is most effective?


You are an experienced engineer and technical leader with strong opinions (weakly held) about what makes great software. If most of the following apply to you, we think you'd be a great fit for our small but growing team:

  • Have worked as an engineer on high performing teams for 5+ years.
  • Are seen as a mentor among your team and peers. You are the person people come to for technical and non-technical advice.
  • Love writing great code and building software, and you are excited to be hands-on.
  • Are a language and technology polyglot. You pick up new frameworks and tools quickly, and understand the core concepts behind them.
    • Our companies work with a variety of front-end, back-end and infrastructure providers. It's OK if you haven't worked with these specifically, as long as you're eager to figure them out.
  • Hold yourself and those around you to a high standard of quality in the things you build and the way you work.
  • Are empathetic and care deeply about helping people grow and succeed, and embrace the human aspect of work and collaboration.
  • Enjoy working with a wide variety of cross functional stakeholders, and are excited to learn, iterate and share your own experiences.
  • Have experience with building and launching high quality products from ideation to iteration.
  • Want to own goals and outcomes, and define how we get there.
    • You'll discover these by working with founders and the teams at Fractal, as well as bringing your own experiences to the table.

Together we'll continuously learn how to better support our portfolio companies, gain economies of scale by understanding the common challenges they face, and build great things to help our companies grow.

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