With all our cutting edge solutions in a nascent, fast-moving technology industry, there’s never a dull moment.

We offer our clients the first consolidated product for trading across a vast selection of cryptocurrency markets, automated trade settlement, and securely custodying assets.

We invest in our people.

Learning is critical to our culture, the truth is we have to- our industry is new and exciting- there’s so much to absorb. We encourage our colleagues to pursue their own education - and we help fund it.

You’re part of something bigger.

We believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency are developing products that are shaping the future of finance. Our employees - and customers - benefit from contributing.

We’re looking for seasoned engineers skilled in shipping products and driven by customer demands. You will be instrumental in building the front-facing user experience of our products, and working alongside the team to ensure that our architecture uses the best principles, and development follows best-practices.

What you’ll be doing.

  • Drive ambitious technical projects that immediately impact our customers. Some upcoming projects:
    • A system to handle flow-of-funds and asset tracking on exchange venues. This involves having a persistent job that is capable of sending transactions requests to venues based on user input (or algorithmically triggered items). This also involves ensuring that we have a local replica of the information provided on exchange venues (balances, order history, pricings, etc.)
    • An interface (API-driven, but GUI provided) to enable customers seamless access to both trading and settlement systems in cryptocurrencies. This involves building rapid prototypes, working with the design team, and making real-time product decisions to design how customers interact with FPG's products and services.
    • A system to normalize data across multiple venues, in-take this data, ensure its consistency, and ultimately store it into a data warehouse. This involves working hand-in-hand with our research team to study cryptocurrency liquidity as well as macro trends within the market.
  • Work with the talented, ambitious, and creative members of our engineering team. You'll be collaborating with our highly-motivated (and insatiably curious) engineers who bring with them rigorous and diverse industry experience, while also enjoying full access to our advisors, whose prolific careers at some of the world’s premier tech organizations have cemented them as invaluable resources to FPG.
  • Learn and grow at a breakneck pace as our company rapidly scales. As an early team member, you will have an incredible degree of autonomy, it's something we intentionally build into our workflow. We expect that you not only take ownership of your work but that you have an appetite for doing so. As our product and team continue to grow, your responsibilities will inevitably follow suit - the organization is expected to double in size in the next three months.

Who you are.

  • You love shipping products.

    You understand how to build systems that enable fast product iteration. You’re comfortable weighing trade-offs between functionality, quality, and technical debt.

  • You live and breathe for front-end cloud architectures

    You learned Django; React; Node; Ruby on Rails, Angular, Asp.net, Vue, and Laravel when you were 5 and didn't stop there. You love building things for customers and when you hear  you immediately think you can build it in 4 hours.

  • You’ve designed and implemented complex distributed systems.

    You have extensive experience with microservice architectures. You excel at assessing the strengths and limitations of various implementations. You have a keen intuition for seeing how a product requirement might necessitate a particular technology, an conversely, how a technology in our stack might constrain the functionality of our product.

  • You can recognize and advocate for technical excellence.

    You strive to be a world-class engineer. You understand the discipline and craft of software development, you invest in learning and tooling, and you insist on technical excellence from yourself and your teammates.

Is your experience close to what we’ve described but maybe you feel you’re missing a few of the requirements? We encourage you to apply anyway. We look for people with exceptional potential, and we know this can take many forms. We believe the highest performing teams include people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences.

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