Floating Point Group

FLOATING POINT GROUP is on a mission to empower investors and financial institutions to interact with the cryptocurrency markets safely and efficiently. By abstracting away the complexity of interfacing with trading venues, blockchain wallets, third party custodians, and decentralized applications, (each with their own idiosyncratic APIs), FPG's platform enables the market's most influential investors to incorporate cryptocurrencies in their businesses with unprecedented confidence. With the multi-trillion dollar cryptocurrency market routinely breaching $100 billion in 24hr trading volume, the need for robust and secure infrastructure is more salient than ever.

We are technologists.

We spent years of our lives building some of the most frontier computer science systems. We've designed, built, and deployed natural language processing models at MIT, self-driving automobiles at Cruise, and new modes of automated data exchange at massive scale at AWS.

We are founders at heart.

We are a group of entrepreneurs who have founded a diverse set businesses, from our childhood lemonade stands to massive scale SaaS platforms reaching 9-figure valuations. We founded FPG with a goal: to improve the digital asset financial system. But, more importantly, to enjoy every minute of building a company, creating a culture, and shipping a product. We are the Floaters, and we would love to meet you.

We’re well funded.

We have raised funds from well-known financial groups, venture capitalists, and an incredible group of veteran angels including Tribe Capital, AngelList's Naval Ravikant and other founders of companies that are publicly traded on NYSE and NASDAQ.

Our recent Series A $10mn funding included Tribe Capital, Coinbase Ventures, FAST by GettyLab, Borderless Capital, CapitalX and Formulate Ventures. Other funds came from the personal capital of SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony Scaramucci and executives from GoldenTree Asset Management, HC Tech and Pythagorus Investments.

Current Job Openings