We Are

  • Small. We’re a well funded early stage (~4 person) startup tackling the giant corporate learning market. We are supported by Founders.
  • Ambitious. The corporate learning space is ripe for change. Jobs are changing rapidly and new skills only last 5 years. People need to continuously learn to keep up but right now, companies aren't helping them.
  • Thoughtful. We’re moving fast, but we’re investing our time wisely; we’re making big bets, but taking deliberate steps.  
  • Grounded. We’re building a business, which means making sure we deliver value for our customers fast. Monetisation is not an afterthought, and we don’t depend on network effects for our product to work.


You Are

  • A learner. You believe in our vision and you live by it. You will bring your talent and experience to the table but also your openness to learning and validating ideas. You know first ideas are often wrong, and there’s nothing like user feedback to help get you on the right path.
  • Hungry. You are interested in solving human problems, building beautiful experiences and crafting a memorable brand. However, above all you want to shape and participate in something early with huge potential.
  • Flexible. Your interests aren’t restricted to the product or the marketing side. You are excited to help a company get off the ground and on a growth path and are interested in supporting both product development and marketing/sales.
  • Driven. We are an early stage startup that is starting to get some traction, but most of the work is ahead of us. We have a flat team structure and do not believe in micromanaging, therefore you are entrusted to be communicative and proactive in engaging with everyone on the team.


The Role

  • Design the Product. We’re looking for an all-rounder that can tackle information architecture, interaction and visual design. You will develop new flows, screens and features, while solving problems for different types of people. You’ll be expected to work in increasing levels of fidelity, validating your assumptions as early as possible and willing to reshape things as you learn in close collaboration with Product and Marketing.
  • Creative Direction. Defining the creative direction of marketing and the product. We are seriously innovative and that requires a very fine-tuned message – both verbal and visual. A significant chunk of the work involves collaborating with marketing to flesh out digital and physical collateral to get our message across and convert early adopters across multiple channels.
  • Design the Brand. We have a solid foundation, however our company's brand is yet to be fully articulated. You’ll be expected to develop it further, making it as true to our values as possible, and to evolve it along with our product.



We know there isn’t a specific background which leads to one becoming a great designer; or that it takes a specific length of time; or that it requires the use of specific tools. But we can anticipate our best candidate having the following:

  • Either formal design education and two years of design experience or at least four years design experience.
  • Complete fluency in digital design tools (most likely Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, Invision), in order to move fast.
  • Experience working with engineers to ship digital products in some capacity is a must
  • Understanding of basic principles and limitations of designing for the web (typography, layout, animation, performance).
  • Able to work full-time in Berlin



  • Have an impact. Our team is composed of small, cross-functional playing people using cutting-edge technologies and agile development practices.
  • Trust-based working. We don't clock watch – organize your own schedule.
  • Push boundaries. Everyone is equally important and works together on uncharted challenges alongside inspiring colleagues from all over the world.
  • Never stop learning. Attend top conferences and training paid for by your yearly stipend.
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