Found Energy

Found Energy is a Boston-based, clean energy company producing a carbon-free fuel that is lower-cost and more energy-dense than fossil fuels. This will enable us to decarbonize the most challenging and carbon-intensive industries which are unaddressed by existing technology portfolios. Our technology uses metallic aluminum as the carbon-free fuel to produce hydrogen on-demand for less than $0.50 per kilogram and at five times the volumetric energy density of liquid hydrogen. 

Originally spun out of MIT, we are now scaling and translating our hydrogen generation technology to both commercial and humanitarian applications, taking on both the causes and effects of climate change. In the long term, our technology positions aluminum and other materials as carbon-free energy carriers that address the often overlooked problem of renewable energy transportation. At Found Energy, we believe in securing a livable and equitable future for our planet, and we are looking for talented people who are motivated by this goal to join us. For more, visit

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