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Digital commerce is built on trust. At every point along the eCommerce journey, businesses must make a critical decision: Can I trust this customer? Answering this simple question accurately and instantly is powerful—it can accelerate revenue growth and strengthen a company’s connection with its customers. How do we do it? Forter was founded on the insight that it's not about what is being purchased, nor where— but who is behind the interaction.

The Forter Decision Engine finds patterns across more than one billion identities in our dataset. We isolate fraudsters and protect customers—ensuring everyone gets the experience they deserve.  Given that trust is central to how we operate, Forter is very much driven by a defined set of values. We attract remarkable talent and have retention and engagement levels that are well above benchmarks. We’re meticulous about strengthening our culture as we grow and ensuring this is an environment where people can have outsized impact

About the role:

Forter is looking for a Senior Software Engineer with broad experience building state-of-the-art services and systems to join our Events Infrastructure team.

The Events Infra team is focused on building and maintaining the libraries and services that power our event sourcing system. We’re working on the underlying infrastructure of our event processing services with Kafka as the backbone. We have a mix of commercial and home-grown solutions for our various needs; some problems have simply not been solved anywhere else!

What you’ll be doing:

  • Design, build, monitor, and maintain event infrastructure and services used by all of Forter’s engineering teams
  • Build a great customer experience for engineers that will use your tools and services
  • Help manage a multi-cloud, geo-distributed high throughput systems with a 99.999% availability SLA target
  • Work with a variety of programming languages and platforms
  • Tackle scalability, performance, usability, and reliability challenges
  • Massive cost optimization, by ways of compression and other means
  • Take initiative - got a great idea that'll make our team's day-to-day better? Let's hear it!

What you’ll need:

  • 5+ years developing complex software projects (Python / Java / NodeJS / etc.)
  • 4+ years developing and maintaining distributed systems in production
  • 2+ years working with IaC. A firm understanding of the subject (reasons, methods, pitfalls) is required
  • Hold yourself and others to a high bar when working with production
  • Be a good communicator and a good collaborator; be passionate about technology; like very challenging problems to solve
  • Fluent in written and spoken English

Projects you could work on:

  • Own (as in: develop, maintain, plan future of, educate on and advocate for) the self-serve framework that allows for the operation of all of Forter’s event pipelines in a SaaS manner. Design its developer-friendly API.
  • Create a robust multi-region data replication system for a high volume of event while taking into account costs, resource utilization, security and DX.
  • Facilitate the migration of many systems (thousands of servers) to cloud-agnostic technologies (like Kafka instead of SNS, etc.) with no downtime
  • Improve the dev experience around existing event-infra tools, create new tools to improve client productivity
  • Provide users with visibility and alerting capabilities over their production critical event processing pipelines

It’d be really cool if you also:

  • Have experience with Kafka or other streaming engines
  • Experience with considerable scale (100s of millions to billions of events/transactions per day)
  • Experience leading cross-team efforts (champion an idea, get buy-in, reach widespread adoption)
  • Have experience leading products with widely used public APIs
  • Are a JVM guru
  • Are a distributed systems guru
  • Love communicating about technical subjects (comments, docs, announcements, presentations, you name it)

What it’s like to work at Forter:

We believe that head-count is a vanity metric (i.e. more doesn’t necessarily mean better), and that people matter! This is why we prefer smaller teams of talented individuals with strong cohesion over “just give us some more working hands”. 

We believe that the metric we should optimize for is increasing the IQ and EQ of our team over time, by building an organization that will draw such people to us. We care immensely about how the team works together, and we don’t shy away from hard conversations. When you try to make an impact, friction (of opinions, or business constraints) is something you need to deal with. 

We don’t have QA, we don’t have Architects (“CTO team”), we don’t have a NOC or a SOC team. We look at our team as part of the system that we build, so we optimize the process and tools to fit our team. Most of our teams have a generalist-mindset, but our system is vast and we have people developing expertise in areas they are passionate about. 

We are big believers in having Skin in the game as a way of setting the alignment of incentives to build things right, and picking boring technology as we respect the complexity of our system and business.

You should join to help us build a better version of Forter, rather than a smaller version of a large company. 
If you’re up for the challenge, please submit your CV.

Life as a Forterian:

We are a team of over 450 Forterians spread across 3 different continents. Our success so far in the marketplace has allowed us to achieve a total series F valuation of over $3 Billion, making us the most valuable privately-held fraud prevention company globally. Our investors include: Tiger Global, Bessemer, Sequoia Capital, March Capital, and Salesforce Ventures. 

At Forter, we believe unique people create unique ideas, and valuable experience comes in many forms. So, even if your background doesn't match everything we have listed in the job description, we still encourage you to apply and tell us why your skills and values could be an asset to us. By welcoming different perspectives, we grow together as humans and as a company.

Forter is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer that will consider all qualified applicants, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity or expression, national origin, genetics, age, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

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