About us:

Forter provides a new generation of fraud prevention to meet the challenges of modern enterprise e-commerce. Only Forter provides fully automated, real-time Decision as a Service™ fraud prevention, with approve/decline decisions backed by a 100% chargeback guarantee. The system eliminates the need for rules, scores or manual reviews, making fraud prevention friction-free. The result is fraud prevention that is invisible to buyers and empowers merchants with increased approvals, smoother checkout and a near elimination of inaccurate decisions - meaning more sales and happier customers. Behind the scenes, Forter’s machine learning technology combines advanced cyber intelligence with behavioral and identity analysis to create a multi-layered fraud detection mechanism.

We have systems with scales anywhere between 100s of TX/s to 100,000s of events/s. In our decisioning APIs we care a great deal about reliability and latency. Every decision we make is important to everyone involved. We can’t go down because our customers’ businesses depend on us: in 2020 we processed eCommerce transactions worth over $200B, and made billions of critical decisions.

If this kind of working environment sounds exciting to you, if you understand that Engineering is about building the most effective and elegant solution within a given set of constraints - consider applying for this position. But hold on, you best check the position requirements first :)


About the role:

Forter is looking for a Senior Software Engineer with broad experience building state-of-the-art services and systems to join our Applicative Infrastructure team. 

The App Infra team is focused on building the tools that serve all of our engineering teams (as well as analysts, data scientists, and research engineers). For example, you will be creating robust self-service systems that will enable engineers to provision cloud resources, deploy K8s pods, create GitHub repositories with built-in templates, and more.

Our operational effort is focused on the tools and infrastructure we provide and maintain as a cross-cutting concern for the entire R&D. Things like the underlying infra of our Event Sourcing system, our CI/CD stack, self-service tools for granting permissions, build internal CLI/Web tools, and more.

Each team at Forter is responsible for their systems, and often even their infrastructure, like databases and Elasticsearch clusters, and each team has their own on-call. Our goal is to enable the other teams to do their job with maximum efficiency and happiness (dev experience matters!)


What you’ll be doing:

  • Design, build and maintain the core infrastructure used by all of Forter’s engineering teams
  • Build a great customer experience for people using your tools
  • Help manage a multi-cloud, geo-distributed high throughput systems with a 99.999% availability SLA target
  • Work with a variety of programming languages and platforms
  • Tackle scalability, performance, usability, and reliability challenges in a variety of fields such as Security, BigData, Monitoring & Alerting and Cloud Infrastructure
  • Implement systems that are highly resilient and self-healing with the intent of replacing Alerts and Ops work with automation wherever possible
  • Take initiative - got a great idea that'll make our team's day-to-day better? Let's hear it!


What you'll need:

  • 5+ years developing complex software projects (Python / Ruby / Go / etc.)
  • 2+ years working with Infrastructure As Code tools (Cloudformation / Terraform / Pulumi) 
  • Extensive experience working with public clouds (AWS / GCP / Azure)
  • Experience leading cross-team efforts (champion an idea, get buy-in, reach widespread adoption)
  • Passion for developing tools that other love to use
  • Solid system analysis skills and good troubleshooting grasp
  • Hold yourself and others to a high bar when working with production
  • Fluent in written and spoken English


Projects you could work on:

We have a ton of important work to do, which is why we’re hiring! Our projects are, of course, changing all the time, but here are a few that are either planned or ongoing, to give you an idea of the types of projects on our roadmap. 

  • Build and maintain an in-house infrastructure for managing multi-cloud deployments, including Blue-Green deployments and Canary testing (with quick reverts) as building blocks.
  • Migrate a large system (thousands of servers) to cloud-agnostic technologies (like Vault, Kafka, etc.) with no downtime.
  • Integrate Terraform into the CI/CD pipeline, to allow provisioning of resources across multiple clouds, and increase developer velocity.
  • Lead cross-team engineering excellence efforts across various areas, such as coding standards, code-review best-practices, testing/linting frameworks, and more.

It’d be really cool if you also:

  • Have experienced considerable scale (100s of millions to billions of events/transactions per day)
  • Worked with HashiCorp’s tools: Vault, Consul, etc.
  • Have experience developing multi-cloud SAAS platforms
  • Developed Jenkins pipelines


Why Forter:

We believe that head-count is a vanity metric (i.e. more doesn’t necessarily mean better), and that people matter! This is why we prefer smaller teams of talented individuals with strong cohesion over “just give us some more working hands”. 

We believe that the metric we should optimize for is increasing the IQ and EQ of our team over time, by building an organization that will draw such people to us. We care immensely about how the team works together, and we don’t shy away from hard conversations. When you try to make an impact, friction (of opinions, or business constraints) is something you need to deal with. 

We don’t have QA, we don’t have Architects (“CTO team”), we don’t have a NOC or a SOC team. We look at our team as part of the system that we build, so we optimize the process and tools to fit our team. Most of our teams have a generalist-mindset, but our system is vast and we have people developing expertise in areas they are passionate about. 

We are big believers in having Skin in the game as a way of setting the alignment of incentives to build things right, and picking boring technology as we respect the complexity of our system and business.


You should join to help us build a better version of Forter, rather than a smaller version of a large company. If you’re up for the challenge, please submit your CV!



At Forter, we believe unique people create unique ideas, and valuable experience comes in many forms. So, even if your background doesn't match everything we have listed in the job description, we still encourage you to apply and tell us why your skills and values could be an asset to us. By welcoming different perspectives, we grow together as humans and as a company.

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