Formidable is an engineering + design consultancy and open source software organization, specializing in React, React Native, GraphQL, Node, and the architecture of large-scale JavaScript applications. We are a team of consultants working together to find holistic and sustainable solutions to challenging problems for our clients. We build products for some of the world’s biggest companies while helping their internal teams develop the skillset to create and maintain thoughtful and scalable systems.

As a Formidable Engineering Manager, you will be part of the service delivery organisation and report to the Director of Engineering. You will be part of the core team responsible for the wellbeing and career growth of engineers within your organisation group.

Formidable Engineering managers spend approximately 80% of their time on billable projects with our clients - writing code, assisting team members, and occasionally leading project teams. The other 20% of your time will be spent working with engineers who report to you on their career goals, holding 1:1s and reviews, and advocating for your reports within the larger Formidable organisation.

What you will be responsible for:

  • You will spend about 80% of your time working as a contributor on billable client projects, occasionally as team lead.
  • Your time will be split between technical/billable work and management duties, so time management and strong communication skills are a must.
  • You will manage 4-6 engineers, focusing on activities such as:
    • Holding regular 1:1s
    • Conducting quarterly and semi-annual reviews
    • Helping reports set and achieve career goals at Formidable
  • Delivering both praise and constructive feedback to your reports, and helping them recognise patterns and potential areas for growth. You will likely have reports who are not on the same client project as you, so actively soliciting this feedback from their team members is crucial.
  • You will serve as an advocate for your reports within the larger Formidable organisation - recommending them for promotions, suggesting projects where they may be a good fit, providing public recognition for accomplishments, etc.
  • You will work with your Director of Engineering to ensure that engineers feel included and supported within the larger Formidable organisation, understand what is expected of them, and have room and opportunities for autonomy and building their craft.
  • You will support the engineering hiring process as an interviewer, and assist with the hiring or promotion process for new Engineering Managers as need arises.
  • You will assist with the onboarding process for new engineers who will report to you.

A successful candidate will have:

  • 4+ years of experience as a professional software developer.
  • 1-2+ years of people management or team leadership experience.
  • Extensive domain knowledge and experience working with React core APIs to build large-scale web applications.
  • A high degree of fluency in JavaScript, with knowledge of modern techniques as well as core JS concepts.
  • Experience with team collaboration using tools such as Git.
  • Strong communication skills, including being able to communicate effectively with non-engineering stakeholders within Formidable and on our client teams.
  • Experience conducting thoughtful and constructive PR reviews for team members.
  • Experience with state management using React Context or libraries such as Redux/MobX.
  • Modern frontend build tooling (Webpack/Parcel, Babel, NPM/Yarn).
  • Proficiency in frontend markup and styling (CSS in JS libraries, CSS preprocessors and CSS3, JSX and frontend templating, HTML5)

Extra credit:

  • Experience with GraphQL and/or TypeScript.
  • Node.js frameworks like Express.
  • Databases like MongoDB and PostgreSQL.
  • Experience with React Native, or native mobile development.

What We Offer Our UK Employees

  • Holiday - It is important to us that you take some time for yourself to do the things you love, recharge and refresh, so we offer a holiday allowance of 25 days + bank holidays + Christmas closure (usually 4 days).
  • Flexible working - We are a fully flexible working company and support people working from home and remotely when traveling - this means you can pretty much work from anywhere and set your own hours. We only ask that you are available for team and client meetings and can dial in from wherever you are if you are working remotely that day.
  • Travel cards - London travel can be costly! We will help with either an Oyster card or travel allowance if you use public transport to get to the office on a regular basis.
  • Pensions - We want you to feel like working at Formidable is contributing to your future, not just your career, so we will match 4% of your employee contribution with 4% to your pension.
  • Private medical insurance - We like to do what we can to give our Formidables peace of mind internally and externally, so we provide full private MHD [medical history disregarded] cover with AXA PPP, including dental and optician add-ons (this can be extended to spouses and children too and Formidable will pay 75% of their premiums), as well as life cover & critical illness cover.
  • Home office stipend - Upon joining Formidable as a permanent employee, you will have access to a stipend of £/€1,750 to help provide a comfortable working space at home.
  • Health & wellness bonus - Health and wellness can come in all different forms so to support you in choosing what works, we give you an annual £1,250 bonus to spend on what is right for you.
  • Inter-office travel - We like our Formidables to get to know each other properly; what better way than a trip to visit and work with other teams around the globe? We will give you £850 annually to cover your travel and accommodation so you can go and work in one of our other locations and get to know the team better. (Pending COVID-19 restrictions)
  • Open source - We have incredible access to a wider community of coding specialists who are as passionate about Open Source as we are + an internal ‘Sauce Program’ that enables you to earn extra money for any extra OSS hours you put in.
  • Training & development - You’ll receive unparalleled support from your peers + an all-you-can-eat professional development budget to ensure you can access all that you need to keep growing in your role and levelling up.
  • Collaboration & exposure - We work in a collaborative environment that leads to continuous, organic personal development. You’ll also have exposure to a wide variety of customers, from scale-ups to Fortune 100s.
  • Giving back - We also love to give back to our community - so if you give to charity and want to set this up through payroll giving, we will match your contributions by up to £1000 a year.
  • Feeling peckish? Us too, which is why we have catered team lunches twice a week + a fully stocked office of snacks and drinks to keep you going throughout the day. (Pending COVID-19 restrictions)
  • Visiting HQ - Formidable was launched in Seattle so once a year we all descend on Formidable HQ for FormidaGathering - it’s quite a week away!



As a true example of how Formidable believes in equity and transparency, we have an “Open Pay” system that is linked to our career ladder. Depending on experience, the salary for this role would likely fall between £82–112k.

How do we work?

Our consultants act as an extension of our customer’s team, embedding themselves in the environment, and adapting to our clients’ requirements and challenges, so they can develop a truly impactful and innovative solution.

We take a lot of pride in both the work we do and how we do it. We love trying new approaches, challenging the norm, and we’ll never stop striving to be at our technical best. It comes naturally to both our team and the community we work within to help each other’s growth, share and elevate ideas, and meaningfully collaborate as much as possible. Our people are more than the sum of their parts.

That’s why you’ll get an unusual amount of autonomy — you’re here because you’re brilliant, so we trust you to do your role in a way that works for you. Our high-trust culture is one of the things that makes us so successful, so you do you and we’ll be over here, listening and providing support where needed.

We have two core beliefs here:

  1. The very best ideas are born from a community that is collaborative, high-trust, and diverse. Creating a development-led culture is key to us, so we do everything we can to cultivate knowledge sharing and personal growth within our team. That means your questions never go unanswered, and there will always be someone on hand to work through a problem.
  2. People are at their best when they have what they need, and we’re committed to providing the best possible working environment. Vegan snacks? Slippers for the office? Want to work from another country to spend more time with your family? We got you.

Inclusion is one of our core values. We don’t discriminate by race, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We are not offering UK visa sponsorship at this time and hence, unfortunately, require our candidates that they have the right to work in the UK without visa sponsorship.

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