Form Health is telehealth for adults with obesity, a chronic excess weight disease.

Obesity impacts more than 40% of the US adult population, but only about 1% of patients receive medical treatment for their disease. Form Health makes research-based treatment available to adults through the convenience of telehealth, including long-term care from a physician and dietitian and medication when appropriate.

Founded in Boston in 2019 with a public launch in early 2020, Form Health is a venture-backed startup with an experienced team and product-market fit. We’re building for growth: onboarding more patients, building better tools for our clinicians and partners, and scaling our team while maintaining a high bar for patient success.

Our team works remotely and is distributed across the US, although we do plan to have a Boston-area office later in 2021 or 2022 for those who need it.

Check out our patient reviews for some early, resounding patient feedback!

We’re adding a full-time Senior Software Engineer to our small team of developers. You’ll report to our VP of Engineering and collaborate daily with our distributed team, including physicians and dietitians.

You should have at least 4 years of experience growing and operating a Ruby on Rails app in production at scale, with a non-blocking architecture, and most of the following:

  • Sidekiq, and general job queueing best practices
  • automated testing, especially RSpec
  • PostgreSQL
  • code review culture

Detailed experience with the following are a plus:

  • identifying opportunities to deliver value sooner
  • zero-downtime continuous deployment
  • automated tests that are fast and reliable
  • distributed pair programming and mobbing
  • distributed systems design
  • AWS cloud networking
  • evolving a system over time
  • extracting services to serverless functions (we do some Node.js and would like to explore Golang)

Tech Stack

On the front-end, we use NextJS, TailwindCSS, Prismic, and Cypress, among other tools.

Our back-end combines the best of a Ruby on Rails monolith with AWS serverless components (API Gateway, Lambda, S3, SNS, etc.), and GraphQL via Apollo Server. We integrate with best-in-class tools for CMS, CRM, EMR, observability, analytics, and data warehousing.

We also have a mobile app for iOS and Android built with React Native and TypeScript. There can be opportunities to work on this stack as well as we grow together.

What you’ll do

  • Ship working, well-tested software continuously
  • Build systems that empower our team, patients, and partners, providing data and removing obstacles or dependencies from their workflows
  • Deliver reliable integrations with critical third party components
  • Collaborate with engineers, product managers, designers, and senior leadership to define and deliver our roadmap
  • Ship new experiments and experiences, and measure their impact
  • Bias for action
  • Add your unique voice to the continuous improvement of the team, company, and product

Our Engineering Philosophy

We believe that minimizing waste, maximizing learning, and shipping working software continuously is key to building and supporting a high performing team. We optimize for shipping code to production as soon as it’s ready and prefer to ship small changes frequently to reduce risk. Here’s how we achieve this:

  1. We deliver one change at a time. Each change adds value and can be shipped independently.
  2. We automatically deploy to production, quickly and reliably, usually multiple times a day. Even on a Friday afternoon!
  3. We have fast, reliable test suites and monitor coverage.
  4. We use feature flags and A/B experiments when appropriate.
  5. We review each other’s changes quickly, with a high bar for simplicity, clarity, consistency, and quality.
  6. We monitor and observe our systems closely, and keep the signal-noise ratio high. This allows us to quickly tell whether the one small change we ship is working as expected.
  7. We review and fix the root cause(s) of issues, using a constructive, non-punitive process, always moving forward smarter and better, safely.

Our Values

  • Creating a welcoming and safe place for patients
  • Protecting patients’ privacy and the safety of their data
  • Simplicity and quality
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Growth and scalability while minimizing waste
  • Advancing the state of the art in telemedicine


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