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About the company:

ForgeRock® rocks when others are rolling. We aren’t your typical high-tech company and aren’t looking for typical people. We look for real people. Whoever you are. Whatever you are. While you play well with others you aren’t afraid to be you and let others be themselves. Someone has called you wicked smart before, but you would never refer to yourself that way.  

ForgeRock pioneered open source identity and access management, went on to invent identity relationship management for customer identities, and is now busy playing with the identity of things. Yes, we’re growing fast, but we remain true to our start up culture. We’re decidedly creative, we’re always learning, no one hesitates to ask questions, and we’re on a never-ending search for new ideas.

Our customers are some of the biggest companies, organizations, and even countries in the world. On any given day, it’s likely that the ForgeRock Identity Platform helped keep your data safe, gave you access to stuff, and supported trusted relationships between you, companies and the devices you were using. Please read more about us at or follow ForgeRock on Twitter at


The Role:

We are searching for a talented identity management engineer to join the global IT team and help protect the company through innovative and broad use of the ForgeRock identity platform.

ForgeRock’s global IT team is responsible for designing, deploying, and supporting the technology infrastructure at ForgeRock. A key component of delivering these IT capabilities is providing internal identity and access management services so employees and contractors can access key systems and applications easily and securely. The technology supported by the IT team is used by every part of the business and underpins our entire software development process, so this role has visible impact to the whole company. 

This person works as a member of a small, globally distributed team of talented technicians and engineers within ForgeRock IT and works closely with the Enterprise Security team. We will work together to deliver excellence to the company, with a focus on outstanding customer experience and delivery.


  • Deploy/Maintain ForgeRock Software: As the team member responsible for identity and access management, you will deploy, update, troubleshoot, and maintain the overall health of the internal implementation of the ForgeRock platform (Access Management, Identity Management, and Directory Server). You will work with your team mates to ensure the platform is properly monitored and problems are resolved quickly. This will require you leverage your experience with Linux systems and deploying/maintaining the ForgeRock software and the associated components (HTTP server, Java servlet container, Java).
  • Expand SSO Integrations: One of the primary uses for the identity platform at ForgeRock is to provide single-sign-on (SSO) for a wide variety of web applications and other systems. These integrations are typically done using LDAP, SAML 2, OAUTH 2, and OIDC. Using your previous experience and understanding of how to integrate SSO systems using these protocols and troubleshooting issues with them, you will expand the integrations to include all applications used across the business. You will maintain relationships with key stakeholders across the company to assist in identifying new integrations needed and then deliver those integrations in a timely manner.
  • Implement Risk-Based Authentication: The ForgeRock identity platform provides unparalleled capabilities for performing risk-based authentication, stepping up to stronger forms of authentication as needed based on the system/data being accessed and contextual information about the authentication event. You will implement and regularly update new risk-based authentication methods leveraging built-in and 3rd party capabilities. This will require experience setting up Authentication Trees (or older authentication chains) as well as experience configuring and maintaining various MFA solutions and integrating them with ForgeRock Access Management.

Life at ForgeRock:

We believe in and facilitate a flexible, collaborative work environment. We’ve grown enormously, but remain true to the innovative, can-do startup values that got us here. Most important of all, we keep hiring talented, smart, fun, and genuinely nice people because that’s who we want to succeed with every day. Below are just a few of the great things we have to offer at ForgeRock:

  • A great team of smart, fun and genuinely nice individuals.
  • Awesome company culture focused around providing a flexible and collaborative work environment
  • Regular office bonding events, from lunches and happy hours to group offsites and hack-days
  • Well-stocked fridges, whether you’re hungry or thirsty
  • Competitive benefits and perks
  • We’re Mac-friendly!
  • Generous employee referral bonus program
  • Amazing offices across the globe – San Francisco HQ; Vancouver, WA; Austin, TX; Munich, Germany; London & Bristol, UK; Grenoble & Paris, FR; Oslo, NO; Singapore, Australia & counting!

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