FOR is a platform organization and the Team in Vienna develops cutting-edge technology that will revolutionize the legal cannabis industry. Our goal is to reinvent and automate the workflow of harvesting cannabis plants. Not only that… We are committed to reinvest profits in strengthening and reforming our democracy. 

At FOR, we bring together first-rate individuals and curate the context for them to be. Using our collective strengths and instincts, we inventnot just innovate.  We swarm to bring respectful solutions, pursue excellence in everything we do, and have eyes for things others just don’t see. We insist that the world must adapt to us. Doing the ‘right’ is not enough; Do the BRAVE thing..



FOR is committed to very progressive working principles. Visit our careers page to learn more.

Current Job Openings

Logistic Excellence

Respectful Solutions

(Senior) Mechanical/Mechatronical Engineer
1020 Vienna - weXelerate Building