At Fluxx, our mission is to be the leading collaborative grantmaking platform that amplifies impact in our global communities. Founded in San Francisco, Fluxx has grown into a fully-distributed team making a meaningful impact in philanthropy. Our people and culture is what makes us great. We're curious, connected, and collaborating across the globe to drive our mission forward.

We believe in building technology that drives positive impact in our world. Our platform helps foundations and agencies streamline the grantmaking process, making it easier to get funding to those that need it to support their mission. We are driven to help facilitate change through our solutions that automate grantmaking for organizations all over the world.  Over the past decade Fluxx has built a boundary-pushing community of 330+ grantmakers who work with more 150,000 nonprofits worldwide who are responsible for transacting $15.7B in investments last year alone! 


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