We’re quite proud of our achievements…

350M+ downloads, 65M monthly users, #1 by installs in the iOS Health category, 4.9 stars on the App Store (3M+ reviews), backed by 7 VCs, annual revenue at 9 figures, and a valuation close to $1B.

We’re a growing, Series B funded HealthTech building the essential digital health partner of tomorrow to empower women, girls, and people who menstruate with the knowledge and support they need to stay well and live better.

Our cycle, ovulation and pregnancy tracking, educational content and anonymised community platform have been trusted for years by millions to help them feel more in control of their health every day.

We’re harnessing the power of data analytics and AI to build a smarter future, one where we all know our bodies better, with an aim to become the essential health partner to women worldwide. 


The Job

The needs of the user are everything to us, and how those needs are served falls under our Product teams.

They’re fact-finders.

They’re builders.

They’re ideators of easy-to-use, information-rich resources across our whole platform who - along with Analytics teams - get to the ‘why’ in order to create unrivalled user experiences.

Embark on a transformative design journey with our team of three seasoned designers and a visual lead, each boasting 9+ years of expertise in graphic design, illustration, and localisation. Become an integral part of our expansive Visual Design Department, comprising 20+ designers dedicated to crafting every visual element within the app.

As we continue to grow, we're searching for a Visual Designer with a creative spark and a deep-seated passion for enhancing women's health. Immerse yourself in a collaborative milieu, partnering closely with fellow designers, product managers, content editors, analysts, and UX researchers.

With the mentorship of our Head of Visual and Visual Lead, you'll have the platform to innovate, curate, and sculpt the visual narrative across diverse app segments: Community, Localisation, Web, and Chatbot teams.

This role is more than just a job; it's an opportunity to evolve, inspire, and imprint a lasting legacy. Are you poised to co-create a brighter, healthier future with us?

Your Experience

Must have:

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in graphic design, specifically for web and mobile platforms;
  • Proficiency in design tools: Figma, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator;
  • Demonstrated experience in creating and enhancing illustrations for visual content;
  • Strong understanding of composition, colour science, and current design trends;
  • Ability to communicate and articulate design decisions effectively, with excellent overall communication skills;
  • Proven track record of designing complex projects and collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams and stakeholders;
  • A language proficiency of B2 or higher in English is mandatory for non-native English speakers.

Nice to have:

  • Familiarity with the femtech industry or a strong interest in women's health and wellbeing;
  • Experience in UI design, with a deep understanding of key principles for crafting intuitive and user-friendly interfaces;
  • Knowledge of user experience (UX) principles and best practices. This includes experience collaborating on UX research, visual experiments, and A/B testing to optimize visuals;
  • Experience working in a startup or dynamic, fast-paced environment, demonstrating the ability to adapt to changing priorities and manage multiple projects concurrently;
  • Profound understanding of branding, with the capability to adhere to brand guidelines while infusing innovative and creative elements;
  • Previous exposure to or experience in adhering to and enhancing brand guidelines;
  • Animation knowledge, including the ability to create compelling and engaging animated content to enhance user experiences and engagement with the product.

What you'll be doing

You'll be responsible for:

  • Utilize Flo's visual design system to create impactful and technically correct visuals that evoke emotional appeal, foster engagement, and align with Flo's identity for Community, Chatbot and Web teams;
  • Localizing visual content to meet the cultural and linguistic nuances of various target markets; adapting designs to ensure they are not only visually appealing but also culturally relevant and appropriate for the intended audience;
  • Strike a balance between pushing creative boundaries and maintaining brand consistency;
  • Demonstrate creative problem-solving skills, exploring innovative design approaches while adhering to the established guidelines;
  • Collaborate with the Content Team to visualize all types of content that effectively communicate key concepts and data. Work cross-functionally with designers, product management, content editors, medical advisors etc;
  • Delve into user research data and competitive analysis to bolster your design choices, ensuring that designs are rooted in genuine user needs and market trends;
  • Understand the critical metrics impacted by design decisions. Stay updated with relevant KPIs, track how your designs affect these metrics, and refine designs based on data for optimal user engagement;
  • Participate actively and confidently in meetings, presenting your design ideas and various design approaches to stakeholders and teams. Facilitate discussions around these options, ensuring alignment, informed decision-making, and collaborative refinement;
  • Engage actively with peers and team members, advocating for best practices and shared learnings. Respect diverse opinions and integrate them to enrich the team's collective output.

Your targets will be:

  • Create visually stunning and impactful illustrations and graphics that resonate with our users, enhancing their app experience. This includes conducting experiments and UX research to ensure optimal performance;
  • Your medical educational content should be engaging and lead to better user comprehension and retention. Track user feedback and quiz results to measure the effectiveness of the content;
  • Put yourself in the mindset of new users and design effective user journey experiences;
  • Collaborate with the Content Team to create captivating infographics, charts, and animated content that effectively communicate key concepts and data;
  • While ensuring brand consistency, your contributions should drive innovation within the Flo design guidelines. Track the adoption and effectiveness of any new design elements or principles you introduce;
  • Actively share your experience, knowledge, and insights with other creatives in the team, fostering a culture of learning and growth;
  • Create medically credible and aesthetically pleasant images for our Web site readers in collaboration with content editors. Tailor visuals to meet the standards of medical accuracy while ensuring that they are visually appealing for web users seeking authoritative and engaging healthcare content;
  • Develop visuals that combine medical accuracy with visual appeal specifically for our Chat bot users in collaboration with content designers. These visuals should enhance the chat bot's ability to provide medically accurate and user-friendly information assisting users in self-examination and a more comprehensive understanding of the Health assistant.


Salary Range - gross per month
€2.800€3.350 EUR

Ranges may vary depending on your skills, competencies and experience.


People perform better when they’re happy, paid well, looked after and supported. 

On top of competitive salaries, Flo's employees have access to:

  • A flexible working environment with the opportunity to come into the office and work from home
  • Company equity grants through Flo’s Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP)
  • Paid holiday and sick leave 
  • Fully paid female health and sick leave, in addition to holiday and regular sick leave
  • Workations - an opportunity to work abroad for two months a year
  • Six months paid maternity leave, and one months paid paternity leave (subject to qualifying conditions) inclusive of same-sex and adoptive parents
  • Career growth, progression, and learning development resources
  • Annual salary reviews
  • Unlimited free premium Flo subscriptions
  • A whole host of other benefits (health/pension/social schemes)


Our Culture

We’re problem solvers, we’re adaptable, we’re empathy driven and results led. 

People here like working in a fast-paced, multi-national, multi-cultural and ever changing environment. Everyone has an impact on a powerful mission, and is happy to roll their sleeves up to ideate solutions and put them in place. Being part of a  growing business means that sometimes it's not easy and we work hard, but our mission is always at the forefront of what we do. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The strength of our workforce is in the diverse backgrounds of our employees, and Flo is committed to applying its equal opportunities policy at all stages of recruitment and selection. This means recruitment and selection of talent into Flo Health companies is only based on individual merit and qualifications directly related to professional competence. Shortlisting, interviewing, and selection will always be carried out without regard to gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, color, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religion or beliefs, ancestry, age, veteran status, mental or physical disability, medical condition, pregnancy or maternity status, trade union membership, or any other protected characteristics.

By applying for the above role, you confirm that you have reviewed our privacy notice for job applicants: https://flo.health/privacy-policy-for-job-applicants 

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