UNCAGE YOUR AMBITION as an Email Marketing Specialist

We are FlightHub Group, an ambitious team of people that created FlightHub and Justfly. Our brands have grown to become two of the top-ranked travel agencies in North America. We now serve over 3 million customers per year, totaling 3 billion dollars in sales, and, whereas the pandemic may have slowed us down a little, we are coming back even stronger. We dream big, pursue passionately, and follow through with resolute self-belief and rigorous commitment. We are a group of individuals sharing a common vision and values, having come together to pursue a collective mission: overtaking the #1 spot in the world.

We are looking for an Email Marketing Specialist, with 5+ years of experience, and demonstrated results in Email Marketing. Working with Oleg, our Head of Marketing, you will have the opportunity to build and manage complex campaigns in a marketing automation system as well as seeing campaigns through to execution, analysis, and optimization. This role requires deep subject matter expertise in the tools and processes used to enable email optimization at scale. The travel industry is particularly competitive, featuring some of the largest company names in ecommerce, so get ready to apply the latest cutting-edge techniques, rules and stay abreast of Email marketing innovations and industry trends!

Many career paths can prepare you for this life-changing opportunity, but preferably, you’re highly skilled in:

  • Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud automation platform to set up emails and push campaigns to educate, engage, and convert travel prospects on Flighthub.com and Justfly.com;
  • Uncovering opportunities for marketing campaign optimization across the customer lifecycle including segmentation and personalization, and champion the traveler experience while driving critical business metrics;
  • Driving continuous improvement across email key performance indicators including deliverability, open rates, click-to-open rates, conversion rates, opt-out rates, and revenue;
  • Developing, designing, running, and analyzing A/B and multivariate tests across offers, creatives and segmentation;
  • Identifying and troubleshooting issues in complex marketing programs;
  • Staying on top of best practices to minimize spam rates, improve email database quality and keep existing data clean;
  • Deep data analysis, with the ability to synthesize data and analytics from a wide variety of sources into concise & actionable insights, recommendations and reports.

What success looks like in this role:

  • Achieving growth/uplift across key metrics, with the focus on maximizing revenue and ROI

Critical Competencies:

  • 5+ years of experience managing Email campaigns
  • Intermediate knowledge of SQL
  • Strong quantitative, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • AMPscript/HTML knowledge is preferred

Interested, but not sure that you’re qualified?

We don’t expect every applicant to have a formidable background. Many of our highest-performing employees were highly talented individuals who just needed a little guidance and coaching. Our team prides itself on providing real results, and if you can do that, then you belong here. If you don’t feel that you’re qualified, we ask that you send in an application anyway. We are experienced in recognizing talent, and at the very least, your application will reveal the skills that you still need to acquire.

* Please note this position is in Montreal, Quebec. 

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