UNCAGE YOUR AMBITION as a Training Specialist

We are FlightHub Group, an ambitious team of people that created FlightHub and Justfly. Our brands have grown to become two of the top-ranked travel agencies in North America. We now serve over 3 million customers per year, totaling 3 billion dollars in sales, and, whereas the pandemic may have slowed us down a little, we are coming back even stronger. We dream big, pursue passionately, and follow through with resolute self-belief and rigorous commitment. We are a group of individuals sharing a common vision and values, having come together to pursue a collective mission: overtaking the #1 spot in the world.

We are looking for a Training Specialist with 5 years of experience in e-learning / educational design and development. Working alongside Pamela, our VP of Customer Service & Delivery, you will be responsible for designing training programs, modules, and corporate documents for various departments within our organization (Customer Service, Delivery, and Sales). In collaboration with our project and processes teams, you will play a key role in designing valuable training(s) that will cover our products and services, policies and procedures, systems and tools, as well as soft-skills that will be used by our teams on the daily. It is imperative that our training tools and programs are up to date and reflect any changes that will have a positive impact on our internal teams and our customers!

Many career paths can prepare you for this life-changing opportunity, but preferably, you’re highly skilled in:

  • Performing training needs analyses and task analysis;
  • Developing learning goals, producing design quotes and storyboards;
  • Producing learning materials and tools, as well as using different media tools;
  • Working in the Travel Industry, with GDS experience;
  • Coordinating multiple activities in parallel and setting priorities in a dynamic and fast-changing environment;
  • Communicating effectively, writing clearly and concisely, with expert knowledge of the pedagogical design process.

* Please note this position is in Montreal, Quebec. 

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