UNCAGE YOUR AMBITION as a Front-End Developer

We are FlightHub Group, an ambitious team of people that created FlightHub and Justfly. Our brands have grown to become two of the top-ranked travel agencies in North America. We now serve over 3 million customers per year, totaling 3 billion dollars in sales, and, whereas the pandemic may have slowed us down a little, we are coming back even stronger. We dream big, pursue passionately, and follow through with resolute self-belief and rigorous commitment. We are a group of individuals sharing a common vision and values, having come together to pursue a collective mission: overtaking the #1 spot in the world.

We’re looking for a Front-End Developer with 3+ years of experience in JavaScript & PHP to join our team. Working with Pascal, our Lead Developer and the rest of our Revenue Team, you will have the opportunity to work on high volume e-commerce platforms, for both FlightHub.com and Justfly.com. Working closely with a team of skilled developers and designers, you will develop exciting new features and enhance existing ones to increase our customers engagement and overall shopping experience. From implementing new features on our current front-end applications, to playing a key role in the migration process to more modern front-end technologies, there’s never a lack of challenges to keep your skills sharp!

Many career paths can prepare you for this life-changing opportunity, but preferably, you’re highly skilled in:

  • Programming PHP applications (MVC) in a fast-paced environment;
  • Working with modern Javascript framework (ReactJS);
  • Monitoring  health and performance of applications and business processes (New Relic, Looker, TrackJS);
  • Using fast key-value stores (memcache, Redis) as well as SQL/NoSQL databases (MySQL, Redshift, Clickhouse);
  • Caching strategies and application optimization to improve site performance;
  • Communicating with various stakeholders while being able to work independently and execute complex tasks;
  • Testing and continuous integration (Travis-CI, PHPUnit).
  • Working with high volume publish-subscribe message brokers (Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka).

* Please note this position is in Montreal, Quebec. 

Show us your drive and join our team!

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