Network Performance Manager 

The Opportunity:

Companies come and go, but Flexport’s dedication to quality has allowed us to become a leader in our industry. Our Network Development team is responsible for ensuring that the most efficient and effective end-to-end ground infrastructure, technology and processes are in place to achieve our ambitious growth objectives. Our team will also manage our network’s performance and implement proactive improvements to succeed in our mission to make global trade easy for everyone.

We’re seeking a Network Performance Manager to build upon this reputation and take our operations to the next level. You will be in the driver seat to design, develop and deploy a complete Quality Assurance (QA) program that not only safeguards efficiency and quality throughout our processes, but also fosters a “performance and service quality culture,” in which all employees become actively engaged in guaranteeing performance and quality in all of our operations. At Flexport, you’ll have the opportunity to conduct analyses that are at the forefront of reshaping the entire logistics & supply chain industries but most importantly, lead teams in achieving challenging operational goals. You’ll work alongside self-starters interested in solving real-world problems creatively and streamlining the inefficiencies in the complex world of global trade with a data driven and hands-on approach.. 

You will:

  • Design, develop and deploy a complete QA program;
  • Develop new performance standards, taking inputs from cross-functional stakeholders and customer feedback, and generate insights for continuous improvement for implementation across all departments. Update company operational procedures to reflect such process changes;
  • Meet with business stakeholders, understand business requirements and use your analytical mindset to implement solutions ranging from process improvements, technology automation opportunities and dashboards that bring visibility into quality excellence. Our mantra is to make sure everyone is working smarter rather than just harder;
  • Responsible for upholding Flexport’s quality assurance standards: Plan, execute, and oversee inspection of end-to-end shipment operations workflow;
  • Track impact of tools and processes by measuring for efficiency gain, quality and standardization;
  • Provide training and support to Operations teams on processes, quality standards and QA activities, to ensure company-wide quality performance;
  • Digest the challenges and needs of the Supply Chain Operations teams to creatively find solutions issues to automate workflow;
  • Lead a team of dedicated self-starting professionals thinking out of the box to solve problems and improve processes that will change our customers’ experience.



We expect you to have:

  • BA/BS degree;
  • 3+ years of relevant work- and leadership experience; 
  • Analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills;
  • SQL knowledge and experience with data visualization software;
  • Knowledge of PM (e.g., utilization, SLA, transit times, on-time delivered) and QA terminology, methods and familiarity with tools (e.g., shipping, order and warehouse management software).


  • The desire to lead, train and develop up and coming industry talent;
  • Excitement to manage relations and create a best-in-class operational structure;
  • Strategic vision and ground floor execution;
  • Demonstrated ability to lead teams in day-to-day execution and continuous process improvement not only for your own team but also at a broader organizational level;
  • Hands-on, process-oriented, structured thinker with strong problem-solving capabilities;
  • Best-in-class communication skills and empathy to understand and discover business pain points and build solutions to improve the quality at all levels of the end-to-end shipment process
  • Courage to challenge the status quo when logic and reason require it. See something broken? Fix it!


What you will learn:

  • How to work cross-functionally to execute quickly and build a new organization, optimizing for scale and efficiency;
  • How to motivate teams and lead performance in an ambiguous environment, research and implement operational hypotheses and inform the strategy of a newly built team;
  • You will gain the ability to continuously improve and expand our global network footprint. 

Future tracks this role could lead to:


  • Becoming a leader of leaders. You learn how to be a player-coach who apprentices team leaders on skill development;
  • Deep expertise in a specific area of Network performance & QA. You are the leading advisor in this area, someone our clients, partners, and internal teams go to for advice and strategy. You build processes and tools or lead webinars to amplify your knowledge.

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