About Flexa 

Flexa is the leading retail payments network for digital assets. Our mission is to make payments more efficient and accessible for people all over the world. At Flexa, we are passionate about the transformative power of digital currencies and we're not daunted by the prospect of starting from scratch to make the world a better place. So every day, we re-build and reconsider the very concept of what it means to use money. We provide merchants and developers with integrations that make digital currency acceptance fast, affordable, and completely fraud-proof.

On the Flexa engineering team, we trust and support each other to write software that works and that we each fully understand. We encourage (continuous) self-deployment. We also expect each other to take the time needed to build software thoughtfully and sustainably. Our team leverages cutting-edge tool chains, technologies, and practices, and we strive to continuously learn and improve our infrastructure and techniques.

We are currently looking for a software engineer to help us design, develop, and deploy our software and services. Our development process is lightweight and productive, and revolves around our mutual respect for each other as well as our individual dedication to building high-quality products.

What you’ll do

  • Design, build and maintain smart contracts and associated systems, such as oracles and dApps
  • Research with the intent to integrate with new chains and layer 2s
  • Interface with multi-chain bridges
  • Develop and maintain smart contracts using Solidity and Rust
  • Build corresponding off chain systems and services, and be responsible for their deployment and operation
  • Create libraries and clients that can be open-sourced to the community

You should have

  • At least 1+ year experience doing Ethereum or EVM based smart contract development
  • Have deployed to a mainnet
  • Knowledge of EVM based smart contract development
  • Knowledge of blockchain fundamentals such as Ethereum and Avalanche
  • Knowledge of layer 2 technologies such as Arbitrum and Optimism 
  • Knowledge of basic blockchain fundamentals such as BFT, P2P, Consensus, etc
  • Experience with developing smart contracts using Solidity/Vyper and Javascript/Typescript
  • Experience with security audits of smart contract systems
  • Experience with Web3 and dApps

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