Flatiron School is looking for SIEM, System Security, and Python Instructor to support cybersecurity education.

Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most headline-grabbing topics, and industries, of our time and affects virtually every aspect of our lives. There are few greater global challenges you could work on than the ones we love to work on everyday. If you thrive in a fast-paced, high growth, mission-oriented environment where you can actually have positive impact on the world, then consider joining our team at SecureSet Academy!

The ideal individual is an experienced professional who is a team player, loves working in a collaborative environment, invests in the future of cybersecurity, and is hungry to grow our premier education experience at our London Campus. This instructor is responsible for preparation, instruction, and engagement with Flatiron School students.

You will create, fine-tune and execute a dynamic applied Cyber Security curriculum to build the next generation of entry-level professionals.  This role reports to the Senior Education Manager and works in close association with the Curriculum and Education Operation team.


  • Working closely with our corporate Curriculum & Product teams to maintain and update our classroom content 

  • Mentoring and sharing feedback to our students 

  • Creating a safe and collaborative environment where students understand that helping their peers betters their own experience.

  • Leveraging passion as a force for motivation by sharing what you are passionate about with your students and working those topics into lesson plans as appropriate.

  • Embracing change and thrive in ambiguity by helping students and staff with real time efforts, like grading a student’s project or assignment, while devoting time and effort to developing the macro learning plan.

  • Preparing your own lectures but anticipating last minutes changes based on the class' progress and learning goals.

  • Integrating feedback from team members on progress of class to set pacing and determine tactical interventions.

  • Use feedback from students gathered via class surveys to greatly exceed the minimum bar.

  • Empower others to succeed by conducting interviews for instructors and students for future cohorts.

  • Provide feedback to team members by conducting weekly 1 on 1s and over-communicating on a daily basis.

  • Build for scale by planning, writing, and delivering lectures in accordance with the progress and pace of the class.

Logs and Detection required skills:

  • 5 + years experience as a Technical Trainer

  • Ability to travel up to 25% of the time

  • Ability to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and learning outcomes

  • Experience with SIEM, System/Application Monitoring, or Performance Tools

  • Ability to speak to numerous SIEM products at a deeper technical level (i.e. LogRhythm, SPLUNK, and Elk Stack)

  • Security training experience

  • Strong coaching skills and ability to support a variety of learning styles

  • Exceptional customer service and promotional abilities

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Innate understanding of business processes

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience

Systems Security required skills:

  • Extensive experience with Linux, Windows, and iOS.

  • Subject matter expertise with Microsoft Windows operating systems including console/terminal usage and Active Directory. 

  • Advanced knowledge of operating system performance monitoring tools. 

  • Subject matter expertise with common operating system internals, network packet capture tools such as Wireshark, and network discovery tools such as NMAP.

  • Advanced knowledge of Malware Analysis tools such as: Ollydbg, IDAPro, and Sysinternals.

  • Advanced knowledge of TTPs to avoid Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery, SQL injection, and other current attack methodologies. 

  • Advanced knowledge of attack TTPs to include cracking passwords with dictionaries and rainbow tables, scanning systems for configuration issues, ensuring trusted server access via digital certificates, etc. 

  • Advanced knowledge of assessing system security requirements based on risks to confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA Triad) by selecting an appropriate security control baseline, applying and validating security control implementation, performing security assessments, and maintaining security posture by prioritizing vulnerabilities for remediation. 

  • Advanced knowledge of various IPS, IDS, and SEIM platforms.   

  • Additional industry certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, EC-Council, SANS etc. are preferred. 

Python required skills:

  • Experience with C or C++

  • 3+ years of experience programming in Python

  • Experience with Python tools and frameworks, including unit testing, mocks, logging, setuptools, and concurrency

  • Experience with Python 2.x and 3.x

  • Experience writing Web-based applications

About SecureSet x Flatiron School 

SecureSet has emerged as the premier cybersecurity education provider. We have recently joined forces with the Flatiron School as we continue to educate the next generation of expert cybersecurity problem-solvers. Cyber security is one of the most headline-grabbing topics and industries of our time and affects virtually every aspect of our lives. 

There are few greater global challenges you could work on than the ones we love to work on everyday. If you thrive in a fast-paced, high growth, mission-oriented environment where you can actually have a positive impact on the world, then consider joining our team at Flatiron School. We are looking for individuals who are as committed to as we are. Flatiron School’s campuses are places of community, learning, and growth. 

About Flatiron School 

Flatiron School teaches passionate, creative people how to code. We’ve been teaching since 2012, and now we’re developing software and programs to bring our successful curriculum to more students. We are more than just a school — we are a team of mission-driven individuals trying to align education with reality. 

Over our five years as a school, we’ve helped over one thousand students learn to code and launch careers in tech. To achieve these outcomes, we’ve never let ourselves stop growing – we’ve constantly iterated on our curriculum, evolved our teaching techniques, and created technology to improve our students’ learning experience.

For the next step in our growth, Flatiron School has joined the WeWork family. In WeWork, we’ve found a partner who shares the mission we’ve had since the beginning: to enable passionate people to learn the skills they need to pursue careers and lives they love. And that mission won’t change. As part of WeWork, we look forward to working together to expand our in-person and online programs and further increase accessibility to our transformative education.


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