The Flatiron School is seeking a Online Technical Coach, Software Engineering to join our rapidly growing team!

At Flatiron School, we're changing education. For more than five years, we've been teaching amazing people how to code and helping them find jobs. We give incredible people the tools to do what they love for a living, and match companies with hires who will do amazing work, take great pride in their craft and view their work as a chance to grow more.

Online Technical Coach, Software Engineering work directly with Flatiron School students, acting as on-demand instructors while students are working through the curriculum. Online Technical Coach, Software Engineering interact with students primarily through Flatiron School's Q&A function, delivering one-on-one support through text-based chat and through video calls, helping students uncover the solutions to coding challenges by guiding them through a process of directed inquiries and incremental hints.

The Online Technical Coach, Software Engineering Engineering Online will become an integral part of the student experience as they help students sharpen their dev skills. Online Technical Coach, Software Engineering must love teaching and believe that every student, with grit and a growth mindset, can become a developer.

In this role, your primary focus will be to guide students through debugging their code while they are working through Flatiron School’s online curriculum and help them to deepen their understanding of programming concepts. Successful Online Technical Coach, Software Engineering can infect, infuse, and inspire students and help them to build their confidence as they work through difficult coding challenges.

The Online Technical Coach, Software Engineering Online will:
● Make No Little Plans
○ Learn how to debug at a rapid pace by looking through other student’s code within a 20-minute time frame
○ Pilot our experimental efforts in how to provide the best experience and most positive outcomes
● Radiate Positivity
○ Lead online study groups that deepen our students’ understanding of key concepts as well as creating a safe collaborative environment through code challenges, live lectures, office hours, and lab walkthroughs.
○ Exemplify the developer’s mindset by guiding students through debugging their labs on-demand
● Be Scrappy
○ Embrace change and thrive in ambiguity by helping students and staff with real-time efforts, like being part of new experiments and initiatives, troubleshooting features that are shared to students, and escalating issues that you need help within a timely manner
● Pursue Mastery
○ Use feedback from students through surveys and data to continually improve.
○ Integrate feedback given by colleagues and managers
● Work Together
○ Pair with students as you help them through unique code challenges and projects
○ Strive to ask questions and provide solutions rather than simply pointing out problems
○ Collaborate with teammates to address outstanding student issues
○ Provide feedback to team members by conducting weekly one-on-ones and over-communicating on a daily basis

Qualifications for Online Technical Coach, Software Engineering:

A Online Technical Coach, Software Engineering must qualify for ALL of the following requirements:
1. Demonstrate intimate knowledge of both Ruby and JavaScript
2. Demonstrate a passion for teaching
3. Commit to 29 hours a week

4. Must be within two weeks of having graduated from the Flatiron School bootcamp

5. Has not declared a Job Search start date



$20 an hour

About Flatiron School
Flatiron School teaches passionate, creative people how to code. We’ve been teaching since 2012, and now we’re developing software and programs to bring our successful curriculum to more students. We are more than just a school — we are a team of mission-driven individuals trying to align education with reality.

Over our five years as a school, we’ve helped over one thousand students learn to code and launch careers in tech. To achieve these outcomes, we’ve never let ourselves stop growing – we’ve constantly iterated on our curriculum, evolved our teaching techniques, and created technology to improve our students’ learning experience.

For the next step in our growth, Flatiron School has joined the WeWork family. In WeWork, we’ve found a partner who shares the mission we’ve had since the beginning: to enable passionate people to learn the skills they need to pursue careers and lives they love. And that mission won’t change. As part of WeWork, we look forward to working together to expand our in-person and online programs and further increase accessibility to our transformative education.

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