The Flatiron School is seeking a Part-Time Educational Coach to join our growing team!

Learning a new discipline can be challenging. Educational Coaches are an integral part of the student experience, helping students set and achieve goals that will lead to academic success.

In this role, your primary focus will be coaching students one-on-one to set clear goals, establish productive study habits and providing guidance throughout their learning process, while both challenging and motivating them along the way.

The Educational Coach will:

  • Conduct one-on-one coaching sessions and check-in calls with students to help motivate, hold them accountable, and coach them through obstacles to ensure their success throughout the program
  • Build rapport with students that allows for you to give direct and actionable feedback (both verbally and in writing)
  • Facilitate group icebreaker activities over Zoom video conferencing and Slack
  • Model effective learning and time management skills like scheduling, honoring commitments, and self motivation
  • Manage a large roster of active students and maintain communication at a regular cadence. Identify when an escalation or intervention may be necessary. Be available to support, counsel and advise students who have sudden needs and extenuating circumstances.
  • Work with students to point them to instructional resources and integrate into the larger community. Set expectations around their time in the course and answer questions about program requirements
  • Support students in holding themselves accountable to their commitments in order to achieve short and longer-term learning goals

A successful Educational Coach is/has:  

  • A contagious positive attitude, and is a natural motivator
  • A skilled listener with experience in the art of asking effective questions
  • ~8 years of work experience, which may include a background in social work, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or another field that has helped build the skills required to help adults facing difficult challenges to succeed (E.g. Personal Trainer, Career or Life Coach, Dietician, Teacher)
  • The ability to build trust and connection quickly, and has an intrinsic empathy for the student experience
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and has demonstrated good judgment around when to make a decision and when to escalate or ask for help
  • Not currently working in a full-time position (35+ hours per week) elsewhere and are looking specifically for part-time/freelance work (~15-25 hours/week)

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For the next step in our growth, Flatiron School has joined the WeWork family. In WeWork, we’ve found a partner who shares the mission we’ve had since the beginning: to enable passionate people to learn the skills they need to pursue careers and lives they love. And that mission won’t change. As part of WeWork, we look forward to working together to expand our in-person and online programs and further increase accessibility to our transformative education.

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