Serqet Therapeutics is one of the latest companies founded through Flagship Pioneering’s venture creation engine, where companies such as Moderna Therapeutics, Rubius Therapeutics, and Evelo Therapeutics were conceived and created. Since Flagship’s founding in 2000, the firm has originated and fostered the development of nearly 100 scientific ventures resulting in $19+ billion in aggregate value, 500+ issued patents, and more than 50 clinical trials for novel therapeutic agents. Serqet therapeutics is integrating the latest developments in computational and experimental biology to discover novel therapeutics for a broad range of diseases.

Job Summary:

Serqet Therapeutics is seeking an experienced and highly motivated scientist to join our team. The successful candidate will support our efforts in following areas-

  • Discovery biology efforts across all therapeutic areas to identify and validate novel therapeutic targets
  • Establish robust protocols to generate and scale the development of various specific cell types (hepatocytes, neuron, microglia, etc) from human pluripotent cells to model multiple human diseases
  • In collaboration with a core team, develop molecular and functional assays in relevant cell types differentiated from IPSCs (ER stress, lysosomal function, metabolic assays, etc).
  • Design, execute, and interpret multiple experimental workflows including the standard cell biology and stem cell biology methods.

Required Skills

  • Proven expertise in developing human stem cell approaches, applications to unique biological problems, profiling, and assay development.
  • Deep knowledge of human pluripotent stem cell culture, characterization, QC, and differentiation (hepatocytes, neuron, microglia, etc).
  • Proven hands-on experience with a variety cell-based and molecular biology readout technologies, such as RNAseq, FACS, flow cytometry, qPCR, immunostaining, high-content and confocal imaging.
  • Ability to manage a small group of bench scientist to support IPSC differentiation and characterization.
  • Analyze and present key outcomes to executives, proposed approaches to expand and develop the IPSC team.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a dynamic environment as a team player with a strong work ethic, excellent communication, and time management skills.


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