Job Description

Omega Therapeutics is seeking a curious, creative RA/Sr. RA to join our team to develop and advance our transcription modulation programs, from early development to proof-of-concept – and beyond. The successful candidate must be capable of working independently while innovating as part of a team, learning what we know and teaching us how to go further. Attention to detail, enthusiasm, and a passion to bring novel therapies to patients are a must!

Omega’s technology is on the frontier of gene therapy. The work is fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and inventive – the successful candidate will see the impact of their efforts on the path to the clinic right away.


  • Absorb concepts, synthesize information (e.g., data, literature), and plan experiments to answer key biological questions with novel, proprietary methods.
  • Technically excellent, broad, and efficient bench work: RNAi, CRISPR-Cas9, and/or use of AAV- and lentiviral vectors, RNA/DNA/protein isolation and analysis, ELISA, mammalian cell culture, biochemical and cell based assays.
  • Working with mammalian models of genetic disease.
  • Written and oral presentation of data in company meetings and public symposia.
  • Gracious leadership, effective self-advocacy, accountability, and willingness to work until we get the answer right.


  • S./B.A. or M.S./M.A. in Molecular Biology, Genetics or a related field with 1-3+ years industry experience
  • Experience working in the field of epigenetics is a plus
  • Familiarity with up-to-date hands-on and automated laboratory techniques.
  • Documenting experiments with up-to-date lab notebooks (ELN) and protocols.
  • Flexibility and willingness to learn in a rapidly changing, growing organization.


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