Company Summary: 
Ring Therapeutics Inc. is a privately held, early-stage biotechnology company pioneering a completely novel form of gene therapy by exploiting a family of naturally occurring commensal viruses to create the first re-dosable and targetable DNA medicines. This approach enables a powerful new class of tropic, persistent, non-integrating vectors that overcome the immunogenicity, and limited tropism of existing gene therapy vectors. Ring Therapeutics is leveraging this versatile technology to develop a broad pipeline of novel, targeted medicines for disease with high unmet medical need.

Ring Therapeutics was founded by Flagship Pioneering, focused on launching breakthrough companies based on internally conceived innovations and insights. Flagship Pioneering has created over 40 groundbreaking companies over the past fifteen years, all of which are pioneering novel and proprietary biological, industrial, and engineering approaches to solve major needs in human health and sustainability. These companies include Seres Therapeutics (NASDAQ:MCRB), Moderna (MRNA), Syros Pharmaceuticals (SYRS), Rubius Therapeutics (RUBY), Axcella Health, Evelo Biosciences (EVLO), and Indigo Agriculture.

Role Summary And Responsibilities

Ring Therapeutics is developing a platform of anellovectors which are derived from a large family of viruses that constitute the majority of the human commensal virome. The Translational Research group at Ring is focused on Anellovector mediated gene transfer approaches in different animal models. The Senior Scientist role requires knowledge and experience performing in vivo experiments to evaluate transduction efficiency in various rodent models. The Senior Scientist is expected to work independently on developing projects to show the efficacy of the vectors and to perform biochemical assays to characterize biodistribution of the vectors. The role requires having a deep knowledge of molecular and viral vector biology while performing critical assays. The Senior Scientist is expected to work independently and in a cross-disciplinary fashion developing additional projects while progressing existing programs.Design, perform and investigate in vivo studies in various rodent models.

  1. Develop and perform molecular biology, cell based and biochemical assays supporting various experiments
  2. Work with scientists from different cross-disciplinary teams to advance programs focused on proof of concept experiments in vitro and in vivo. 

Basic Qualifications

  1. Ph.D. in the life sciences preferably with 3+ years of relevant experience
  2. Prior experience with viral vectors and direct hands-on experience with various animal models
  3. Experience working in cross-disciplinary teams
  4. Demonstration of scientific accomplishments such as publications and presentations.
  5. Good communication and presentation skills

Recruitment & Staffing Agencies: Flagship Pioneering and its affiliated Flagship Lab companies (collectively, “FSP”) do not accept unsolicited resumes from any source other than candidates. The submission of unsolicited resumes by recruitment or staffing agencies to FSP or its employees is strictly prohibited unless contacted directly by Flagship Pioneering’s internal Talent Acquisition team. Any resume submitted by an agency in the absence of a signed agreement will automatically become the property of FSP, and FSP will not owe any referral or other fees with respect thereto.

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