Company Summary:
FL60 is one of the latest companies founded through Flagship Pioneering’s venture creation engine, where companies such as Moderna Therapeutics, Rubius Therapeutics, and Evelo Therapeutics were conceived and created. Since Flagship’s founding in 2000, the firm has originated and fostered the development of nearly 100 scientific ventures resulting in $19+ billion in aggregate value, 500+ issued patents, and more than 50 clinical trials for novel therapeutic agents. FL60 is integrating the latest developments in experimental biology to discover novel therapeutic strategies for a broad range of CNS disorders.
Position Summary:
To fulfill this mission the Computational Biology and Data Science team is searching for a creative, motivated scientist with diverse experiences and interests in genetics to join an interdisciplinary team to transform human disease genetic discoveries into testable therapeutic hypotheses. We are looking for a statistical geneticist, genetic epidemiologist or biostatistician with extensive experience in analyzing and interpreting human genetic data and its association with complex disease and quantitative phenotypes. The position will involve collaboration with biomedical informatics, computational biology, and wet-lab biology to reveal mechanistic insight to disease processes and patient stratification. This statistical genetics/genetic epidemiology position with the Computational Biology and Data Science team provides a unique opportunity to harness the information from human genetics, genomics, and clinical data to support the development of novel therapeutics.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Statistical design and analysis of association studies (GWAS & RVAS) from NGS and chip-based studies.
  • Collaborate with computational biologist and wet-lab biologists for mechanism elucidation
  • Collaboration with biomedical informaticist and computational biologist for patient stratification
  • Leverage academic & public-private partnerships with publicly available data for target ID and validation
  • Prepare written and oral presentation of results to the team.
  • Maintain and organize large amounts of genetic data and summary statistics
Key Requirements:
  • PhD in statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology or biostatistics; 2-5 years post PhD desired.
  • Knowledge of experimental design
  • Management and analysis of large genetic studies (N>>100,000; e.g. UK Biobank)
  • Knowledge of statistical genetics software (PLINK/MaCH/IMPUTE2/HLA*IMP/METAL/EPACTS/SKAT/EIGENSOFT/etc.)
  • Statistical programming skills (R/MATLAB)
  • Programming/Scripting skills (Python/Perl/Shell/etc.)
  • Knowledge of next-generation sequencing statistical analysis (sample/variant QC, association analysis)
  • Knowledge of meta-analysis theory and analysis
  • Knowledge of modern summary statistical analysis (LD-score regression, co-localization etc.)
  • Knowledge of Mendelian Randomization
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Team oriented and execution focused with an ability to thrive in a start-up environment.
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