Welcome to the Fivesky Referral Bonus Program

Fivesky is offering a $2,000 bonus for anyone referring a candidate that we successfully hire for any of our amazing opportunities. To make a referral, please fill out the form below.

Here’s the low down on the Program

The Referrer (That's You):

  • Must be an individual person (i.e., not a business entity), who is at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of the country in which you reside in order to participate.
  • Can not be associated with a staffing/recruiting agency. Can’t refer yourself, even though you are probably awesome too.

The Referred (The skillful person that you are submitting):

  • Cannot be a previous Fivesky employee or contractor because we already know them.
  • Must be a candidate that is not currently active with Fivesky. (Active is defined as an individual who has applied or has been in discussion with Fivesky in the past 12 months.)
  • If referred candidate is hired, they must remain employed with Fivesky for a minimum of three months (90-days) and be in good performance standing at the time of payment. (This excludes summer internships, part-time or temporary hires.)
  • You must obtain consent from the referred individual prior to submitting the resume. (We may ask for proof of consent.)
  • All referrals are valid for 6 months from the time of submittal.

Show me the money:

  • Fivesky will happily pay you a referral payment (woo-hoo) in the amount of $2,000 if the referral results in a successful hire, and such referred employee:
    • Acknowledges s/he was referred by you. 
    • Is in good performance standing at the end of the 90-day period & 180-day period.
    • Is still employed by Fivesky at the time the referral bonus is to be paid.
  • You will be paid the following 2 pay cycles of the referred individual’s 90 days & 180 days of employment. Example:  $2,000 referral bonus = $1,000 paid at 90 days and final payment of $1,000 paid after 180 days of employment.
  • All payments will be accompanied by the appropriate tax forms based on your respective country. Terms and conditions apply, please contact recruitment@fivesky.com to learn more.

Thank you, Gracias!, Merci!, Dziękuję! for your wonderful referrals and helping us grow our talented team! Please reach out to recruitment@fivesky.com with any questions. We promise to answer them.

Please fill out the referred person's information first.

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