Don't see an exact match? That's alright. Resonators come from all backgrounds and can add more to the team than an immediate job description might capture. If you feel that you can bring something special to our team and help us on our mission to empower next generation hardware builders to push the world toward a better, cleaner, faster, and more sustainable future, we want to hear from you!

First Resonance accelerates the speed and reliability of hardware development for companies manufacturing the next generation of hardware products. This includes electric airplanes, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and more. We are a group of software, hardware, and manufacturing engineers that are bringing the best of modern UX and data science to an industry that has been overly rigid in its innovation. We are removing the barriers preventing radical advancement by providing tools to manufacturing engineers and operators to move information more freely, collaborate with their teams more easily, and use the power of data to predict problems and provide insights that result in better hardware quality and delivery.

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