Fig makes the terminal more productive and discoverable for developers. Despite being used by just about every developer, the terminal has barely changed since 70s. We think this is pretty crazy.

Fig is backed by Y Combinator, General Catalyst, Kleiner Perkins and a bunch of amazing devtools founders and executives.



Founders think differently. You recognise the need for quick decisions. You fail quickly then iterate. You take products from 0 to 1. You obsess over users.

At Fig, we value this founder mindset.

If you're a technical founder and you're looking for an opportunity to work with other founders on the future of dev tools, fill in the form below or just ping Brendan ( We'd love to chat.



About the Team

  • We work in office!
  • We are 50% internationals
  • We all care deeply about great DX: developer experience 
  • We are self-directed and self-motivated but work collaboratively as much as possible
  • We are a startup. We all wear many hats
  • We build tools that solve our own problems. It turns out lots of developers have these problems too
  • We guarantee you will laugh every day

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