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What if you could use your work superpowers of to empower women? To reduce shame and aloneness. To increase confidence and joy.

Sounds pretty lofty, right?

Turns out, the platform we've created is actually having that impact according to users as well as published research studies.


Our flagship product,, distills research and wisdom from tens of thousands of women to help people get clear on what they want and feel empowered, starting in the bedroom and then they show up in the world.

When we feel that some of what we want is dirty or broken or shameful, it's like we're constantly holding a beach-ball under the surface of a pool. It puts us off-balance. But when we realize what we want is normal, and good, and worth pursuing, we're more likely to trust and advocate for what we want. In our social lives, in work or school, in our family lives. And this shift has numerous other wellness effects our scientists are currently studying.

It's why the Australian government is purchasing OMGYES as part of a pilot wellness program. It's why OMGYES has grown to have over 750K paid users in 12 languages and $9M/year revenue without ever having a marketing or product team. It's why Psychology Today called OMGYES, "warm, wise, tasteful and fun," The Times of London called it, "nothing less than the next wave of an unfinished sexual revolution" and Emma Watson told Gloria Steinem on stage, "I wish it had been around longer."

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At For Goodness Sake, we strive to empower all people to flourish and thrive in taboo and under-researched parts of life– building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company is core to our mission.

We commit to respecting, celebrating, and actively seeking out diverse candidates and team members. This means hiring a team of caring and driven folks with diverse racial and ethnic identities, of various ages and abilities, abundant gender expressions and sexual orientations, and varying class backgrounds and experience who believe in our potential to change culture both internally as an organization, and broadly in the world. We commit to a work culture of transparency, compassion, curiosity, and care within our organization and in our products.

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Exec Assistant
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User Research and Insights Manager
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