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For Goodness Sake takes important bits of life that get swept under the rug and brings them out into the fresh air and sunshine. Our small-and-growing company does research into people’s most intimate and vulnerable experiences, in partnership with Indiana University, Kinsey Institute and Yale University researchers. We publish the findings in peer-reviewed journals (yay, science!) and turn them into honest and friendly online products.

Our flagship product is In this ground-breaking, show-and-tell resource, women share the specific ways they’ve discovered greater sexual agency and pleasure. Studies show using the site has profound positive impact on adults young and old, including increased self-knowledge, self-pride, body positivity, optimism, confidence, partner communication and pleasure.

After five years of profitability and growth, we’re now doubling the team to expand OMGYES and innovate for other parts of life that go untalked-about like menopause, postpartum and dying/mourning.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At For Goodness Sake, we strive to empower all people to flourish and thrive in taboo and under-researched parts of life– building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company is core to our mission.

We commit to respecting, celebrating, and actively seeking out diverse candidates and team members. This means hiring a team of caring and driven folks with diverse racial and ethnic identities, of various ages and abilities, abundant gender expressions and sexual orientations, and varying class backgrounds and experience who believe in our potential to change culture both internally as an organization, and broadly in the world. We commit to a work culture of transparency, compassion, curiosity, and care within our organization and in our products.

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Qualitative Content Researcher
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Engineering Lead
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Head of Marketing
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Head of Product
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Product Design Lead
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