Spur is looking for hard working Driving Range Specialist for the Town of Palm Beach. The ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic and pride in the range that they manage. The primary duty of this position will be keeping the range organized and clean, always ready for use. Candidate must have a valid drivers license. Candidate must have reliable means of transportation. Candidate must be okay with an outside position.

Duties expected of this position are:

  • Keeping range/sides clean, balls clean, and ball washers empty
  • Keeping hoppers full and ball storage kept full and locked
  • Picking up empty baskets on the range
  • Sweeping or blowing off patio (at clubhouse) of debris
  • Spraying down and squeegeeing clubhouse windows
  • Cleaning ice machines
  • Sweeping out range machine rooms
  • Restocking all cups, lids, and straws for each morning
  • Cleaning out club cleaners on the range and adding fresh water
  • Emptying trash

Pay range - $10.00 - $14.00

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